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Rating: 6.50/10 from 234000 votes
Tags: samoa, flamethrower, spin off, shared universe, fast and furious franchise
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

Title in Italiano:

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

Title in Português:

Velocidade Furiosa: Hobbs & Shaw


Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw is a spin-off film from the Fast & Furious franchise. The movie follows the characters Luke Hobbs, a loyal agent of America's Diplomatic Security Service, and Deckard Shaw, a former British military elite operative. The two must team up to take down a cyber-genetically enhanced villain named Brixton, who threatens the world with a deadly virus.

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Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
Time In A Bottle
Jim Croce: Writer
Yungblud: Performer
Chris Greatti: Produced
Better As One
The Heavy: Performer
Chris Ellul: Writer
100 Miles And Running
Logic: Writer
Logic: Performer
Won't Get Fooled Again
Pete Townshend: Writer
The Who: Performer
You're Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
Percy Sledge: Performer
Next Level
Mario Marchetti: Produced
Even If I Die (Hobbs & Shaw) [Hybrid Mix]
Hybrid: Remixer
Idris Elba: Writer
Idris Elba: Performer
Idris Elba: Produced
Keep You Alive
Jack Splash: Writer
F.W.T.B. (Grandson Remix)
Taku Uo Pele
I'm Comin' Home
All Roads Lead Home (Hobbs & Shaw Remix)
No One Defeats Us (The Adrenaline Remix By Grandmaster Flash)
Getting Started (Hobbs & Shaw)

User reviews

Timothy Lee

The fusion of hip-hop, rock, and electronic music in the soundtrack mirrors the diverse personalities and backgrounds of the main characters, adding depth and dimension to their on-screen personas.

Michael Harris

The blend of hip-hop, electronic beats, and intense orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack enhances the overall cinematic experience and keeps you engaged throughout the movie.

Matthew Martinez

The musical score seamlessly transitions between heart-pounding chase scenes and emotional character moments, creating a dynamic and immersive listening experience.

Stephanie Anderson

The blend of hip-hop, electronic, and rock music in the soundtrack creates a diverse and energetic atmosphere that perfectly matches the fast-paced and thrilling nature of the film. The music not only sets the tone for the action but also enhances the emotional moments, making the overall viewing experience even more engaging.

Mark Adams

The incorporation of iconic tracks from artists like Idris Elba and Vanessa Kirby adds a modern and edgy vibe to the soundtrack, perfectly complementing the characters and storyline.

Sarah King

Robert Wright

The music selection in the movie perfectly captures the essence of the characters, especially the intense and dynamic personalities of Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw. The soundtrack adds depth to their characters and elevates their on-screen presence.

Jennifer Roberts

While some tracks may feel repetitive or generic, the overall diversity of music genres and styles in the soundtrack prevents it from becoming monotonous.

Michael Wilson

Each track is expertly curated to enhance the on-screen excitement and immerse the audience in the high-octane world of Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, making the viewing experience even more thrilling and engaging.