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Final Fantasy VI

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Final Fantasy VI

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Final Fantasy VI


The plot of Final Fantasy VI (originally released as part III in the United States) follows a diverse group of characters as they first try to bring peace by stopping the Empire. After the Emperor's top general, Kefka, betrays him and takes power, the world is destroyed from the misalignment of the three Goddess Statues. One year later, the warriors must reunite and stop Kefka once and for all. Some of the characters include the mysterious Terra, a woman who knows little of her past, but was born with magic powers, Cyan, a Knight of the fallen kingdom of Doma, Locke, a treasure hunter, Celes, a former Empire general artificially infused with magic, and many more. The games plot contains screwball comedy, intense drama, and hits every emotional chord in between.

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Final Fantasy VI
Cries of the Planet
Jenova (From "Final Fantasy 7")
Sleep Mode
Cait Sith
Cosmo Canyon
On That Day, Five Years Ago...
Mako Reactor
Anxious Heart
Aerith's Theme
Cid's Theme
Birth of a God
One-Winged Angel
Nibelheim Incident
Secret of the Forest
Ophilia the Cleric
Aerith - Slowed
Red XIII's Theme
The Beginning
Tifa's Theme (From "Final Fantasy VII")
A Flower Blooming in the Slums (from FFVII 'Aerith's Theme')
Costa del Sol
The Path
Amaurot ~ Mortal Instants (From "Final Fantasy XIV") [Lofi Hip Hop Remix]
For the Win
Launching a Dream into Space
Descendant of Shinobi
wishful thinking
Farm Boy
Celes ( Dj CUTMAN Remix)
The Oppressed
A Moment for Myself
Cinco de Chocobo
Back to Besaid
Infiltrating Shinra
Wandering Flame, Secret of the Forest (Final Fantasy & Chrono Trigger Remix)
Under the Rotting Pizza
Meeting After Dark
Turks' Theme
Who Dis
Lurking in the Darkness
Take a Stand
On Our Way
Don't Wake Me...
Flowers Blooming in the Church
Yuna Studies Shaolin
Dear to the Heart
In Search of the Man in Black
Main Theme (From "Final Fantasy VII")
you wish