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Tags: drink, spitfire aircraft, battle of britain
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First Light

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First Light

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First Light

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First Light

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First Light


In May 1940 eighteen-year old Geoffrey Wellum joins the 92 squadron of the Royal Air Force and is taken to the pub,where pilots who have seen action sign their names on a blackboard. Next day,with no flying experience,he is expected to pilot a Spitfire;he is nervous but exhilarated. Soon he is seeing action against the Luftwaffe,his sense of duty dispelling fear,and,having taken part in the Battle of Britain,is awarded a medal,though he never signs the blackboard. By 1941 he has flown fifty missions and feels invincible,though he sees friends die and in 1942 the stress causes him to have a breakdown. However he survives the war and,in the present,talks direct to camera,voicing his feelings about his service experiences.

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