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Hogar de acogida


Zooey (Toni Collette) and Alec Morrison (Ioan Gruffudd) are a married couple struggling to close the painful gap that is developing between them. Unable to conceive, the Morrisons await confirmation of a child to foster. One day, a seven-year-old boy, who goes by the name Eli (Maurice Cole), shows up at her door in quite a fashion, mysteriously explaining that the foster agency has sent him. The boy is older for his age and it becomes apparent that he is the listening ear between the breakup of the couple's marriage. Eli offers moral support and idealistic suggestions to his adoptive parents on how to repair and revive his love for each other. The couple begins to rebuild their foundations at home, at work, and emotionally until they find the love they once had. But all may not be as it seems.

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Bananarama: Performer
Robbie van Leeuwen: Writer
Ride On
The Tremeloes: Performer
Alan Blakley: Writer
Xmas Kiss
Prelude in E Minor, Op.28, No.4
California Surfing
Nocturne in F Major, Op.15, No.1