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Alternate Names:
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Freak Out

Title in Italiano:

Freak Out

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Freak Out


Merv Doody (James Heathcote) is a true horror aficionado. He's seen it all. That's when fate delivers an inept psycho killer to his doorstep. At first, Merv is interested in not getting killed, but then it becomes something more. He must transform this bumbling reject from the local asylum into the ultimate killing machine. Enlisting the aid of his best friend Onkey (Dan Palmer), they set about making the best slasher in the world. Forget Jason and Freddy. They're losers. The man with the spatula (that's right, I said spatula. You wanna make something of it, Sissy?) learns his lessons too well. It isn't long before the man with the hockey mask and orange jumper is carving a path of destruction through the sleepy town of Redwater Cove. Merv and Onkey find that they are the only two who can stop the murderous rampage of their own creation. The only question is how do you destroy an unstoppable machine of utter madness?

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