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Rating: 6.30/10 from 227000 votes
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Ghost in the Shell


In the near future, humans are augmented with cybernetic improvements to traits such as vision, strength and intelligence. Augmentation developer Hanka Robotics establishes a secret project to develop an artificial body, or "shell", that can integrate a human brain rather than an AI.

The sole survivor of a terrorist attack which killed her parents, Mira Killian is chosen as the test subject after her body is damaged beyond repair. Over the objections of her designer Dr. Ouelet, Hanka Robotics CEO Cutter decides to use Killian as a counter-terrorism operative.

A year later, Killian has attained the rank of Major in the anti-terrorist division Section 9 commanded by Chief Daisuke Aramaki, working alongside operatives Batou and Togusa.

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Ghost in the Shell
Piano Concerto 20
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Writer
Sam Zeines: Arrangement
Au Clair De Lune
Claude Debussy: Writer
Takeshi Masuda: Writer
Antoine Olivier: Writer
Fakear: Performer
Shooting Star
Takeshi Masuda: Writer
Get My Swerve On
Sam Zeines: Writer
Sam Zeines: Performer
CMI15105 Arabesque
Juliet Lyons: Writer
Juliet Lyons: Performer
Takeshi Masuda: Writer
Takeshi Masuda: Writer
Maths (Cobra Effects Remix)
Deadmau5: Writer
Deadmau5: Performer
Andrea Chénier, Act 3: La mamma morta (Maddalena)
Maria Callas: Performer
Umberto Giordano: Composer
Utai IV - Reawakening
Kenji Kawai: Performer
Enjoy The Silence
Joel Burleson: Performer
Hulchal Aour Sarmagee
Fakear: Performer

User reviews

Matthew King

The music in Ghost in the Shell often felt disconnected from the visuals and action on screen, creating a jarring experience that took away from the overall immersion of the film. The lack of cohesion between the soundtrack and the narrative detracted from the viewing experience.

John Hernandez

The music in Ghost in the Shell enhances the action sequences and adds an extra layer of intensity to the visuals. The pulsating beats and energetic melodies drive the narrative forward and keep the audience engaged throughout the film.

Jennifer Evans

Overall, the soundtrack of Ghost in the Shell is a standout element that elevates the movie to another level. The innovative use of sound and music enhances the storytelling and immerses the viewers in the futuristic world of cybernetic enhancements and artificial intelligence.

Deborah Carter

The soundtrack of Ghost in the Shell perfectly captures the futuristic and cybernetic world depicted in the film. The electronic and industrial tones create an immersive atmosphere that complements the high-tech setting of the story. The music enhances the action sequences and conveys a sense of tension and suspense, adding depth to the overall viewing experience.

Charles Adams

The soundtrack of Ghost in the Shell lacked depth and emotional resonance, failing to capture the complexity of the futuristic world and the internal struggles of the characters. It felt generic and uninspired, missing an opportunity to enhance the storytelling.

Donald Williams

The soundtrack of Ghost in the Shell perfectly captures the futuristic and cybernetic atmosphere of the movie. The electronic and industrial sounds create a sense of technological advancement and intrigue that complements the film's themes.

David Johnson

On the other hand, while the soundtrack is effective in setting the mood for the film, it may lack memorable melodies or standout tracks that leave a lasting impression. Some pieces of music blend into the background and do not stand out on their own. As a result, the soundtrack may not be as impactful when listened to independently from the movie.

Robert Miller

The score of Ghost in the Shell failed to create a memorable or distinctive sonic identity for the film, blending into the background without leaving a lasting impression. It missed the chance to elevate key moments and evoke a sense of awe or tension, ultimately falling short in its impact on the audience.