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Rating: 5.40/10 from 170000 votes
Tags: reference to the warriors, sexual desire, sexual attraction, reference to mariah carey
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Niños grandes 2

Title in Italiano:

Un weekend da bamboccioni 2

Title in Português:

Miúdos e Graúdos 2

Title in Français:

Copains pour toujours 2

Title in Türk:

Büyükler 2

Title in Deutsch:

Kindsköpfe 2


Another three years have passed since the events in Grown Ups (2010), and a now successful Lenny returns to his hometown of Stanton with his family, to reconnect with the old team.

As the life-long friends increasingly realise that they are not getting any younger, a new set of challenges arise in the form of unforeseen reunions; familiar bullies; the possibility of a new baby, and the unstoppable threat of a raucous gang of hormone-crazed college fraternity boys.

This summer, Lenny, Eric, Kurt, and Marcus will have to try twice as hard to overcome the persistent midlife crisis; however, will the boys ever grow up?

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Grown Ups 2
Werewolves of London
LeRoy Marinell: Writer
Warren Zevon: Performer
Driver's Seat
Paul Roberts: Writer
Sniff 'n The Tears: Performer
Pizzicato Polka
Johann Strauss: Writer
Tired of Toein' the Line
Ron Coleman: Writer
Rocky Burnette: Performer
End of the World (Party One More Time)
Milad Nazari: Writer
Bass Down Low
The Cataracs: Performer
Dev: Writer
April Wine: Performer
U Can't Touch This
Rick James: Writer
Cherry Pie
Jani Lane: Writer
Warrant: Performer
New Song
Howard Jones: Writer
Howard Jones: Performer
One in a Million
The Romantics: Performer
James Marinos: Writer
Love Plus One
Nick Heyward: Writer
Haircut 100: Performer
Say It Isn't So
John Spinks: Writer
The Outfield: Performer
Bat Out of Hell
Jim Steinman: Writer
Dancing with Myself
Billy Idol: Writer
Generation X: Performer
Bryan Adams: Writer
Bryan Adams: Performer
Bizarre Love Triangle
Stephen Morris: Writer
New Order: Performer
Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor (Für Elise)
The J. Geils Band: Performer
Seth Justman: Writer
Night Time
The J. Geils Band: Performer
Bob Feldman: Writer
Give It to Me
The J. Geils Band: Performer
Peter Wolf: Writer
Where Did Our Love Go?
The J. Geils Band: Performer
Eddie Holland: Writer
Lonely is the Night
Billy Squier: Writer
Billy Squier: Performer
Ain't Nothin' But a House Party
The J. Geils Band: Performer
I Wanna Go Back
Eddie Money: Performer
Monty Byrom: Writer
Live Every Moment
Kevin Cronin: Writer
REO Speedwagon: Performer

User reviews

Linda Walker

The soundtrack features a mix of classic hits and modern tracks, appealing to a wide range of audience preferences.

Nancy Robinson

The variety of songs in the soundtrack of Grown Ups 2 is impressive, offering a blend of classic hits and modern tunes that cater to different tastes. Each song seems to be carefully chosen to complement the storyline and enhance the overall viewing experience, making it a memorable aspect of the movie.

Jennifer Williams

The music choices in Grown Ups 2 are well-suited to the comedic tone of the movie, adding layers of humor and lightheartedness to the scenes.

Steven Scott

The soundtrack of Grown Ups 2 perfectly captures the fun and nostalgic vibe of the movie, enhancing the viewing experience.

Elizabeth Nelson

Overall, the soundtrack of Grown Ups 2 is a delightful addition to the movie, contributing to its overall entertainment value and making it a joy to watch.

Patricia Wilson

The soundtrack effectively sets the mood for different scenes, whether it's a hilarious moment or a heartwarming one, enhancing the emotional impact of the film.

Lisa Clark

Overall, the soundtrack of Grown Ups 2 does a decent job of supporting the storyline and creating a fun, carefree vibe. It may not be the most innovative or groundbreaking collection of songs, but it effectively adds to the entertainment value of the movie.

Sarah Garcia

The soundtrack of Grown Ups 2 perfectly captures the fun and nostalgia of reuniting with old friends in a small town setting. The music selection enhances the comedic moments and heartfelt scenes, creating a delightful atmosphere for the audience to enjoy.

Amanda Robinson

The selection of songs in the soundtrack is diverse and energetic, keeping the audience engaged throughout the film.

James Brown

Furthermore, the choice of music seemed disconnected from the tone and themes of the movie. The tracks did not effectively complement the on-screen action or emotions, resulting in a jarring and disjointed listening experience that detracted from the film's cohesion.

Donna Harris

The music in Grown Ups 2 seamlessly blends with the storyline, creating a cohesive and immersive cinematic experience for the audience.

Robert King

The soundtrack of Grown Ups 2 provides a nostalgic and feel-good atmosphere that complements the theme of old friends reuniting in their hometown. The selection of classic rock tunes and upbeat pop tracks sets the tone for a lighthearted comedy.

Andrew Jackson

While the music choices in Grown Ups 2 may be enjoyable and easy to listen to, they lack originality and fail to make a lasting impression. The songs serve their purpose in enhancing the overall mood of the film, but they do not stand out as memorable or groundbreaking in any way.

Nancy Campbell

The songs in Grown Ups 2 are memorable and catchy, making them stick in the viewer's mind even after the movie ends.

Margaret Hernandez

Upon listening to the soundtrack of Grown Ups 2, I found it to be lacking in originality and creativity. The songs felt generic and uninspired, failing to enhance the overall viewing experience of the film.