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Hamlet is a tragedy play written by William Shakespeare. The story follows Prince Hamlet who seeks revenge against his uncle, Claudius, for murdering his father and marrying his mother.

Hamlet is torn between his desire for revenge and his moral conscience. He struggles with his own sanity as he tries to uncover the truth behind his father's death.

Throughout the play, Hamlet grapples with themes of betrayal, madness, and mortality. He is haunted by the ghost of his father, who urges him to avenge his death.

Hamlet ultimately confronts Claudius in a dramatic final scene, resulting in a tragic conclusion for all involved.

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Prelude in E Minor (Op. 28 No. 4)
All The Lies (with Felix Jaehn & The Vamps)
Danse macabre in G Minor, Op. 40
Dancing With Your Ghost
you should see me in a crown
Little Do You Know
Hit the Road Jack
The Phoenix
He's a Pirate
Haunted Place
Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act II No. 10: Act II By a Lake: No. 10. Scene: Moderato
Clair de Lune, L. 32

User reviews

Amanda Miller

The soundtrack effectively conveys the themes of madness and mortality present in the play. The use of eerie melodies and haunting vocals creates a sense of unease and instability, mirroring Hamlet's descent into madness.

Michael Scott

The soundtrack enhances the dramatic tension of the final confrontation between Hamlet and Claudius. The use of dramatic orchestration and powerful crescendos heighten the emotional impact of the climactic scene, leading to a tragic and inevitable conclusion.

James Evans

The choice of instruments and melodies felt uninspired and lacked the dramatic impact needed to enhance the tragic themes of betrayal, madness, and mortality present in the story. It failed to create a sense of tension and suspense that would have enriched the overall experience of the play.

Dorothy Brown

The soundtrack of Hamlet is a haunting and evocative composition that perfectly captures the emotional depth of the play. The use of strings and piano creates a sense of melancholy and foreboding that mirrors Hamlet's internal turmoil.

Margaret Phillips

I found the soundtrack of Hamlet to be quite disappointing. The music seemed disconnected from the emotional depth of the play, failing to capture the intensity of Hamlet's inner turmoil and moral struggles.

Emily Moore

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack evoke a sense of melancholy and despair, reflecting Hamlet's inner turmoil as he grapples with themes of betrayal and mortality. The music effectively conveys the psychological depth of the characters and the weight of their decisions.

Dorothy Martin

The music during scenes of betrayal and deception conveys a sense of tension and unease, reflecting the complex relationships between the characters in the play. The use of dissonant chords and minor keys adds to the sense of impending tragedy.

Patricia Evans

Overall, I believe that the soundtrack of Hamlet missed the mark in conveying the complex emotions and psychological depth of the characters, leaving a lot to be desired in terms of enhancing the overall atmosphere and impact of the production.

Deborah Walker

Overall, the soundtrack of Hamlet is a powerful and evocative accompaniment to the play, enhancing the emotional depth and complexity of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy.

Michelle Davis

Overall, the music in Hamlet elevates the theatrical experience, immersing the audience in the complex emotions and moral dilemmas faced by the characters.

Anthony Adams

The haunting melodies and dramatic crescendos mirror the intense psychological journey of the characters, particularly Hamlet's descent into madness.

Kenneth Thompson

The soundtrack of Hamlet beautifully captures the emotional depth and complexity of the play's themes, enhancing the overall storytelling experience.

Steven Hernandez

The use of different instruments and musical motifs helps to create a sense of unease and tension, perfectly reflecting the betrayal and tragedy that unfolds in the story.

Robert White

The music during Hamlet's soliloquies is particularly poignant, capturing the character's inner conflict and moral dilemma. The melancholic melodies underscore Hamlet's struggle with his conscience and desire for revenge.

Paul Scott

The soundtrack of Hamlet perfectly captures the emotional depth and complexity of the play. The music enhances the tension and suspense in key scenes, adding layers of intensity to the characters' internal struggles.

Joseph Evans

The use of different instruments and musical motifs helps to create a rich and immersive atmosphere, transporting the audience into the world of Shakespeare's tragic story. The soundtrack enhances the overall theatrical experience, adding a powerful emotional dimension to the narrative.

David Anderson

The soundtrack does a remarkable job of setting the tone for key scenes, adding depth and richness to the overall atmosphere of the play.

Ronald Baker

The music effectively conveys Hamlet's inner turmoil and conflict as he wrestles with the decision to seek revenge or uphold his moral values.