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Rating: 6.90/10 from 246000 votes
Tags: two against many
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El otro guardaespaldas

Title in Italiano:

Come ti ammazzo il bodyguard

Title in Português:

O Guarda-Costas e o Assassino

Title in Français:

Hitman & Bodyguard

Title in Türk:

Belalı Tanık

Title in Deutsch:

Der Killer & sein Bodyguard


With his reputation in tatters after the painfully unsuccessful delivery of a distinguished Japanese client, the former triple-A protection agent, Michael Bryce, is now reduced to a mere second-class bodyguard for hire, two years after the disgraceful incident.

Under those circumstances, Bryce would do anything to prove his worth, and, before long, he accepts an offer from Interpol to escort the international assassin, Darius Kincaid, from Manchester to the Hague.

The task seems simple: Bryce needs to transport him from point A to point B; nevertheless, the trip to the Netherlands is long and hazardous, and Kincaid--as the only one with the guts and enough hard evidence to testify against a tyrannical Belarusian dictator--is an obvious target.

Undoubtedly, it's a tough job, as the mismatched duo will have to put aside their grudges, and race against the clock in a non-stop concerto for bullets.

Can the hitman's bodyguard carry through the most important mission in his career?

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Hitman & Bodyguard
Sittin' and Cryin' the Blues
Willie Dixon: Writer
Memphis Slim: Performer
Lionel Richie: Performer
Lionel Richie: Writer
Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City
Bobby Bland: Performer
Ships on the Ocean
Junior Wells: Performer
Junior Wells: Writer
Italian Drinking Song
Samuel L. Jackson: Performer
Dorothy Donnelly: Writer
Just Because
Lloyd Price: Performer
Lloyd Price: Writer
The Amsterdam Chase
Dmitri Golovko: Writer
Dmitri Golovko: Performer
Christian Scallan: Mixed
New Noise
Refused: Performer
Jon Brännström: Writer
I Want to Know What Love Is
Mick Jones: Writer
Foreigner: Performer
Black Betty
Spiderbait: Performer
Leadbelly: Writer
Let's Have a Party
Little Queenie
Chuck Berry: Writer
Chuck Berry: Performer
Dancing in the Moonlight
Sherman Kelly: Writer
King Harvest: Performer
Nobody Gets Out Alive
The Sign
Jenny Berggren: Writer
Sittin' and Cryin' the Blues
Memphis Slim: Performer
Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City
Bobby Bland: Performer
Let's Have a Party
Leadbelly: Performer

User reviews

Susan Jones

I found the soundtrack of Hitman & Bodyguard to be lacking in originality and creativity. The music felt generic and uninspired, failing to enhance the action-packed scenes or create any emotional impact on the audience.

Laura Martin

The orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack of Hitman & Bodyguard are powerful and impactful, adding depth and emotion to the story unfolding on screen.

Nancy Clark

One criticism I have about the soundtrack is that at times it can feel a bit repetitive, with certain motifs and themes being reused throughout the film. While this can help create a sense of continuity, it also detracts from the overall impact of the music by making it feel predictable.

George Rodriguez

The use of music in key moments of the film helps to build tension and suspense, making the action sequences even more thrilling and memorable.

Thomas Martinez

The music in the film effectively sets the tone for the different sequences, creating a sense of urgency and excitement that keeps the audience engaged throughout the entire movie.

Joseph Anderson

The soundtrack of Hitman & Bodyguard perfectly captures the intense and thrilling moments of the movie, enhancing the action-packed scenes with its dynamic music.

Karen Robinson

The soundtrack of Hitman & Bodyguard perfectly complements the action-packed scenes with its intense and adrenaline-pumping musical score. The combination of orchestral arrangements and electronic beats creates a dynamic atmosphere that keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

Charles Moore

Overall, the music in Hitman & Bodyguard is a standout element of the film, contributing significantly to the overall entertainment value and making it a truly immersive cinematic experience.

Richard Robinson

The soundtrack features a great variety of musical styles that complement the different moods of the scenes, from high-energy chase sequences to more introspective moments between the characters.

Stephanie Johnson

The memorable main theme of Hitman & Bodyguard stays with you long after the movie ends. Its catchy melody and powerful arrangement create a lasting impression and elevate the emotional impact of key moments in the film.

Brian Williams

Overall, the soundtrack of Hitman & Bodyguard is a strong aspect of the film that enhances the viewing experience and elevates the action sequences. Its ability to set the tone and mood of each scene is commendable, even though it may lack some originality in its composition.

Brian Taylor

The use of different musical genres in the soundtrack adds depth and richness to the overall viewing experience. From intense orchestral pieces to energetic rock tracks, each song complements the on-screen action and contributes to the storytelling.

Kimberly Miller

The soundtrack of Hitman & Bodyguard perfectly captures the high-octane action and tension of the film. The dynamic musical score enhances the adrenaline-pumping scenes and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Joseph King

Additionally, the score seemed disconnected from the on-screen events, often failing to build tension or complement the characters' dynamics. This lack of synchronization between the music and the narrative made it difficult to fully immerse myself in the story, ultimately detracting from the overall viewing experience.

Thomas Martinez

The use of music in key moments enhances the tension and suspense, making the audience feel fully immersed in the high-stakes mission of the characters. The soundtrack effectively conveys the urgency and danger faced by the hitman and bodyguard, adding another layer of excitement to the story.