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Asher: Redenção de Um Hitman


Asher (Ron Perlman) is a contract killer who's spent the better part of his life ending other lives, taking orders from Avi (Richard Dreyfuss). He lives a lonely existence, making friends out of fine wine and good food, resenting his apprentice, Uzi (Peter Facinelli), who's taking jobs from him due to youth.

When Avi hands Asher three contracts for a revenge scheme, the hitman takes the job, only to lose consciousness due to health issues, making accidental contact with Sophie (Famke Janssen), a ballet teacher distraught over mother Dora (Jacqueline Bisset), who's losing her battle with dementia.

Asher and Sophie make a connection, embarking on a tentative courtship where the murderer can't share anything about his life. As the pair work out their flirtations, Asher is forced to pair with Uzi on a group hit, and when that goes bad for a moment, the veteran soon becomes marked for death, threatening all the good that's come into his world.

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Hitman Redemption
We're Not Gonna Take It
I Wanna Rock
Pour Some Sugar On Me
Cum on Feel the Noize
Footloose - From "Footloose" Soundtrack
Invisible Touch - 2007 Remaster
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Remastered
I'm Still Standing
You Give Love A Bad Name
We Built This City
All The Small Things
My Own Worst Enemy
The Distance
Welcome to Paradise
Don't Stop Dancing
A Little Faith
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Absolutely (Story of a Girl) - Radio Mix
Peace of Mind
Who Are You
Behind Blue Eyes
Don't Stop Believin'
Old Time Rock & Roll
Seven Nation Army
Basket Case
Dani California
Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)
Mr. Brightside
Last Resort
Sweet Home Alabama
How You Remind Me
Cold Hard Bitch
Last Chance
Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Dancing With Myself
Bang Your Head (Metal Health)
Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time)
Crocodile Rock
Cold Cold Cold

User reviews

Kenneth Williams

The soundtrack of Hitman Redemption showcases the composer's talent for capturing the essence of each scene and character, adding a layer of richness to the storytelling.

Patricia Hernandez

The composer skillfully weaves together different musical motifs to reflect the contrasting aspects of the characters' personalities, adding depth to their development throughout the film.

Brian Lee

The soundtrack of Hitman Redemption perfectly captures the dark and moody atmosphere of the film, enhancing the tension and suspense in every scene.

Margaret Campbell

Overall, the music in Hitman Redemption elevates the film to a new level, adding depth, emotion, and intensity to the narrative, making it a truly memorable cinematic experience.

Betty Nelson

The soundtrack's incorporation of dramatic orchestral scores heightens the action sequences in the film, making them more thrilling and engaging for the audience.

Ronald Lopez

The use of instrumental pieces in the soundtrack helps to convey the emotional depth of the characters, especially Asher and Sophie, adding layers to their complex relationship.

Donna Robinson

Overall, the band sonora of Hitman Redemption contributes significantly to the overall cinematic experience, elevating the storytelling and character development through its carefully curated selection of tracks.

Kimberly Nelson

The soundtrack's seamless integration with the narrative enhances the overall viewing experience, creating a cohesive and immersive storytelling journey.

Joseph Miller

The soundtrack of Hitman Redemption effectively sets the tone for the dark and gritty atmosphere of the film, enhancing the suspense and tension in key moments.

Melissa Roberts

The use of instrumental pieces in the soundtrack creates a sense of intrigue and mystery, keeping the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats.

Ashley Davis

The dynamic range of the music, from subtle piano notes to intense orchestral swells, mirrors the shifting dynamics of the plot, creating a truly captivating auditory experience.

James Lee

The soundtrack of Hitman Redemption failed to capture the emotional depth and tension of the storyline, resulting in a lackluster listening experience that did not enhance the viewing of the film.

Margaret Lewis

The music choices in Hitman Redemption felt generic and uninspired, failing to create a distinctive atmosphere or evoke the necessary mood for key scenes, ultimately detracting from the overall impact of the movie.

Emily Wright

The music in Hitman Redemption successfully captures the inner turmoil of Asher as he grapples with his past as a contract killer and his burgeoning feelings for Sophie, creating a sense of conflict and introspection.

Sarah Rodriguez

The choice of music in Hitman Redemption effectively underscores the themes of redemption and human connection, adding a poignant touch to the narrative.

Steven Wright

The music beautifully complements the emotional depth of the characters, adding layers of complexity to their relationships and inner struggles.

Anthony Hall

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack evoke a range of emotions, from sorrow to determination, effectively conveying the internal conflicts faced by the characters.