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Rating: 4.90/10 from 21000 votes
Tags: mysterious man
Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

Il genio

Title in Português:

O Guru


Ricky Hayman, right hand of Good Buy Shopping Network's owner John McBainbridge, is responsible for over two years of very bad sales numbers. He gets a last chance. Accidentally, he and Kate Newell nearly run over G with his car and decide to take him with them. What they never could guess was that G really is the one good man around. Being on the search for enlightenment, G offers his help generously to save Ricky's job. His natural, uncontrollable behaviour soon gets Ricky into really big trouble, but the sales numbers now go up for the first time in months...

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Holy Man
Pearl's Girl
Richard Smith: Writer
Underworld: Performer
Andrew Dorfman: Writer
Andrew Dorfman: Performer
Sparkling Brass
Malcolm Lockyer: Writer
Malcolm Lockyer: Performer
Lazy Latin
Malcolm Lockyer: Writer
Malcolm Lockyer: Performer
Manic Position
Dominic Glynn: Writer
Dominic Glynn: Performer
The Syncopated Clock
Don't You Worry 'bout A Thing
Pearl's Girl
Richard Smith: Performer
Don't You Worry 'bout A Thing
Stevie Wonder: Performer

User reviews

Deborah Martinez

The seamless integration of music in Holy Man not only complements the narrative and character development but also elevates the overall cinematic experience, making it a memorable and enjoyable film to watch.

Paul Mitchell

Overall, the soundtrack did not add value to the film and missed the opportunity to elevate the storytelling with memorable and impactful music.

Mary Phillips

The music choices seemed out of place and did not enhance the viewing experience, often distracting from important scenes and dialogue.

Melissa King

The music seamlessly weaves through the narrative, enhancing every scene and creating a profound sense of connection with the characters and their struggles. The blend of orchestral arrangements and modern sounds creates a unique and memorable listening experience that resonates long after the movie ends.

Sarah Evans

The soundtrack of Holy Man perfectly captures the uplifting and transformative journey of the main character, G, with its inspiring and emotional melodies.

Brian Phillips

The soundtrack of Holy Man perfectly captures the spiritual and uplifting essence of the film. The use of soft, soothing melodies and calming instrumentals creates a sense of peace and enlightenment that aligns well with the journey of self-discovery undertaken by the characters. The music enhances the emotional depth of the story and adds a layer of introspection that resonates with the audience.

Robert Allen

The musical score of Holy Man effectively enhances the comedic and heartwarming moments in the film, creating a sense of joy and positivity throughout the viewing experience.

Charles Lee

The soundtrack of Holy Man truly elevates the emotional depth of the film with its poignant melodies and uplifting tunes. Each track perfectly captures the essence of the characters' journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

Daniel Walker

The soundtrack for Holy Man failed to capture the emotional depth of the storyline and felt generic and uninspired.

George Walker

On the other hand, some of the tracks in the soundtrack of Holy Man felt a bit generic and uninspired. While the overall tone of the music fit the film's themes, certain pieces lacked originality and failed to leave a lasting impact. The repetitive use of certain motifs and melodies felt predictable, taking away from the overall listening experience. Despite this, the soundtrack still managed to support the storytelling effectively, even if it didn't stand out as particularly memorable.

Robert Wright

The use of diverse musical styles in the soundtrack of Holy Man adds depth and richness to the storytelling, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that keeps the audience captivated.