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Rating: 4.30/10 from 729 votes
Tags: masked murderer, nude woman in jacuzzi, electrocuted, electrocuted in a jacuzzi
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Iced is a chilling thriller that follows the story of a group of friends who decide to spend a weekend at a remote cabin in the woods. As they arrive, they discover that the cabin is completely isolated and surrounded by a thick layer of snow and ice.

Things take a dark turn when they realize that they are not alone in the cabin. A mysterious figure starts to haunt them, leaving behind a trail of frozen bodies in its wake. The friends must band together to uncover the truth behind the chilling presence before it's too late.

As the tension rises and the body count increases, the group must confront their deepest fears and darkest secrets in order to survive the icy nightmare that has engulfed them.

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History Maker
愛について - Agape
愛について - Eros
Yuri on ICE
Minami's Boogie
Still Alive
The Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66: Finale: Carabosse et la Fee des Lilas (Carabosse and the Lilac Fairy)
La Parfum de Fleurs
A Tales of Sleeping Prince
Terra Incognita
The Inferno
Theme of King J.J.
L'homme Arme
ピアノ協奏曲 ロ短調 アレグロ・アパッショナート
Serenade for Two

User reviews

Sarah Rodriguez

The score enhances the sense of isolation and claustrophobia felt by the characters trapped in the cabin with the unknown presence.

Carol Martinez

The soundtrack of Iced perfectly captures the eerie atmosphere of the remote cabin setting. The haunting melodies and chilling tones create a sense of unease that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the film.

Carol Hernandez

The soundtrack of Iced felt generic and uninspired, lacking any memorable or standout musical themes to enhance the suspense and horror elements of the film. It failed to create a truly immersive atmosphere that would elevate the viewing experience.

Margaret Carter

The lack of variety in the musical styles and tones used throughout the film made the soundtrack feel repetitive and monotonous, failing to capture the full range of emotions and intensity required to effectively convey the escalating tension and fear experienced by the characters.

Charles Martin

On the other hand, I found some tracks in the soundtrack of Iced to be repetitive and lacking in originality. While the overall mood and tone of the music fit well with the suspenseful nature of the film, there were moments where I felt the music didn't quite elevate the tension or emotion of certain scenes as much as I had hoped.

Stephanie Mitchell

The emotional depth and intensity of the score bring a sense of realism and authenticity to the characters' struggles and conflicts.

Ashley Davis

The music effectively builds suspense and tension throughout the film, keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Deborah Clark

The haunting and eerie atmosphere created by the soundtrack perfectly complements the chilling setting of the remote cabin in the snowy woods.

Patricia Jackson

Each track in the soundtrack enhances the suspense and tension of the story, building up the eerie atmosphere and adding depth to the characters' struggles. The music seamlessly blends with the visuals, enhancing the overall cinematic experience and immersing the audience in the icy nightmare that unfolds on screen.

Betty Allen

The soundtrack captures the fear and desperation of the characters as they struggle to survive against the relentless threat lurking in the shadows.

George Hernandez

The soundtrack of Iced effectively enhances the chilling atmosphere of the film, with haunting melodies and eerie soundscapes that send shivers down my spine. The use of subtle tones and minimalistic compositions creates a sense of unease that perfectly complements the isolated setting of the cabin in the snow-covered woods.

Michael Johnson

The use of subtle, atmospheric sounds in the soundtrack adds an extra layer of unease and mystery to the story.

Patricia Carter

The music choices in Iced often felt misplaced and out of sync with the tone of the scenes, creating a jarring and disjointed effect that detracted from the overall impact of the story. It seemed like the soundtrack was an afterthought rather than a carefully crafted element of the film.

Laura Scott

The music perfectly mirrors the escalating sense of dread and paranoia that grips the group of friends as they uncover the horrifying truth behind the cabin's dark history.

Ronald Brown

The soundtrack's use of haunting melodies and dissonant tones adds a layer of psychological horror to the narrative, heightening the impact of the story.

Ashley Perez

Overall, the soundtrack of Iced is a masterful blend of atmospheric, suspenseful, and emotionally resonant music that elevates the film to a truly chilling and unforgettable experience.