I'd Receive the Worst News from Your Beautiful Lips Soundtrack (


The photographer Cauby moves and settles down in a small town in the countryside of Pará. When he meets the model Lavínia, who is the wife of Pastor Ernani, they have a torrid love affair. Cauby asks Lavínia to leave her husband and the town with him but she refuses. Cauby does not know about the dishonored past of his muse and her gratitude to Ernani, who saved her from the streets and the drugs. Meanwhile, the snoopy and gossiper journalist Viktor Laurence receives compromising pictures of Lavínia naked, posing for Cauby. When Viktor and Ernani are found dead and Lavínia is missing, Cauby becomes the prime suspect of Sheriff Polozzi with tragic consequences for his life.

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I'd Receive the Worst News from Your Beautiful Lips
O Tocador
Instant de Gelo
Pra Inspirar seu Toque
Mater Matuta
O Colar
Mulher que come terra
A Terra Gira
Amor Brejeiro