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Rating: 7.60/10 from 532000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Português:

Indiana Jones e o Templo Perdido

Title in Français:

Indiana Jones et le temple maudit

Title in Türk:

Kamçılı adam


Indiana Jones teams up with a nightclub singer named Wilhelmina "Willie" Scott and a twelve-year-old Chinese boy named Short Round. They end up in a small distressed village in India, where the people believe that evil spirits have taken all their children away after a sacred precious stone was stolen. They also discover the great mysterious terror surrounding a booby-trapped temple known as the Temple of Doom. Thuggee is beginning to attempt to rise once more, believing that with the power of all five Sankara stones they can rule the world. It's all up to Indiana to put an end to the Thuggee campaign, rescue the lost children, win the girl and conquer the Temple of Doom.

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Indiana Jones et le Temple maudit
Anything Goes
Cole Porter: Performer
Cole Porter: Lyrics
Kate Capshaw: Performer
Original 'Indiana Jones' Themes and Compositions
John Williams: (uncredited) from raiders of the lost ark (1981) composed, arranged and conducted
Original 'Indiana Jones' Themes and Compositions
Cole Porter: Performer

User reviews

Mary Robinson

The dynamic and energetic rhythms in the soundtrack mirror the fast-paced action sequences of the movie, creating a thrilling listening experience.

Susan Davis

The use of traditional Indian instruments in the score adds an authentic and exotic feel to the music, enhancing the setting of the story in India.

Mary Allen

The emotional depth and complexity of some tracks convey the struggles and challenges faced by the characters, adding layers of depth to the storytelling.

Betty Nelson

The soundtrack effectively conveys the sense of danger and mystery surrounding the Temple of Doom, setting the tone for the perilous adventure that awaits.

Nancy Garcia

The soundtrack of Indiana Jones et le Temple maudit failed to capture the adventurous and suspenseful essence of the film. The music felt uninspired and lacked the epic quality needed to enhance the action sequences and emotional moments.

Michael Smith

Overall, I was disappointed with the overall composition and execution of the soundtrack, as it did not effectively complement the storyline and failed to leave a lasting impact on me as a listener.

Thomas Wright

The music effectively builds tension during the intense action sequences, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Patricia Thomas

The memorable main theme of the film is both iconic and powerful, instantly recognizable and evoking a sense of heroism and bravery.

Ronald Scott

The emotional moments in the film are beautifully underscored by the poignant melodies in the soundtrack, adding depth to the characters and their relationships.

Laura Smith

The incorporation of choral elements in certain tracks elevates the grandeur and epic scale of the story, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

James Mitchell

The intense and dramatic compositions enhance the suspense and excitement of the scenes, keeping the audience engaged throughout the movie.

Edward Anderson

The soundtrack of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom perfectly captures the adventurous spirit of the film, with its exciting and suspenseful musical cues.

Sarah Anderson

Overall, the music in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom plays a vital role in enhancing the storytelling and immersing viewers in the thrilling world of the film.

Thomas Parker

The use of traditional Indian instruments and melodies in the soundtrack adds an authentic and exotic touch to the music.

Timothy Taylor

The soundtrack of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom perfectly captures the adventurous and mysterious atmosphere of the film.

David Brown

The dynamic range of the music, from quiet and mysterious to loud and thrilling, mirrors the highs and lows of the characters' journey in the film.

Joseph Brown

Overall, the soundtrack of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a masterful work that elevates the film to a whole new level, making it a truly unforgettable cinematic experience.

Michelle Walker

I found the use of traditional Indian musical elements to be clichéd and superficial, rather than adding depth and authenticity to the story. It felt like a missed opportunity to create a more immersive and culturally rich listening experience for the audience.

Laura Baker

The main theme of the film, composed by John Williams, is memorable and instantly recognizable, evoking the sense of heroism and daring that Indiana Jones embodies.