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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Juez Dredd

Title in Italiano:

Dredd - La legge sono io

Title in Português:

A Lei de Dredd


In the year 2139, the Earth has changed into a virtually uninhabitable place called the Cursed Earth. All of the Earth's population have crowded into the cities across the planet, now known as Mega-Cities.

The crimes in these Mega-Cities became so violent and so powerful, that the regular justice system was powerless to contain, then it collapsed completely. However, a new justice system came from the ashes, there were three justice systems in one (police, jury and executioner), they were called Judges.

In Mega-City One (formerly, New York City), there was a Judge, named Joseph Dredd, who was the toughest and most stringent Judge in history. One day, he was charged with murder, and was tried and sentenced to life in prison because of it.

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Judge Dredd
The Dredd Song
Robert Smith: Writer
Robert Smith: Produced
The Cure: Performer
Steve Lyon: Engineered
Darkness Falls
Matt Johnson: Performer
Matt Johnson: Produced
The The: Performer
Bruce Lampcov: Engineered and mixed
Supercharger Heaven
White Zombie: Performer
Rob Zombie: Lyrics
Need Fire
Release the Pressure
You Come Closer

User reviews

Brian Rodriguez

The orchestral elements in the score add depth and emotion to key moments in the story.

Emily White

The soundtrack of Judge Dredd features dynamic and intense compositions that elevate the overall cinematic experience, making key moments in the film even more impactful and memorable.

Richard Thomas

I find the musical motifs and themes in Judge Dredd to be both memorable and engaging, enhancing the storytelling and character development in a way that stays with the audience long after the movie ends.

Susan Smith

The soundtrack of Judge Dredd is a standout feature of the film, adding an extra layer of excitement to the action-packed scenes.

Timothy Harris

The use of electronic and industrial sounds in the soundtrack adds to the gritty and dark tone of the movie.

Robert Roberts

The music helps to establish the unique world of Mega-City One and the harsh reality of life in that environment.

Andrew Roberts

I appreciate how the soundtrack of Judge Dredd incorporates electronic and industrial elements, giving it a futuristic and gritty feel that complements the film's setting and themes.

Karen King

The score effectively builds tension during action sequences, making them even more thrilling to watch.

Mark Moore

Overall, the music in Judge Dredd is a crucial element that elevates the film and immerses the audience in its futuristic world.

Brian Lee

The soundtrack of Judge Dredd perfectly captures the gritty and dystopian atmosphere of Mega-City One. The intense and pulsating electronic beats create a sense of urgency and tension, mirroring the high-stakes world of the Judges and the criminals they face.

Brian Green

Overall, the Judge Dredd soundtrack is a standout example of how music can elevate a sci-fi action film, creating a sonic landscape that enhances the visuals and immerses the audience in the futuristic world of Mega-City One.

Laura Robinson

The music in Judge Dredd enhances the suspense and tension of the action sequences, adding an extra layer of excitement and adrenaline to the movie-going experience.

Timothy Lee

The soundtrack complements the visuals of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Edward Moore

The main theme of Judge Dredd is memorable and fits the character of the tough and uncompromising Judge perfectly.

Margaret Martin

The music enhances the futuristic setting of the film, creating a sense of chaos and lawlessness.

Richard Clark

The score of Judge Dredd effectively conveys the inner struggle and conflict of the main character, Judge Dredd, through its use of haunting melodies and powerful orchestration.

Susan Robinson

The Judge Dredd soundtrack perfectly captures the dystopian atmosphere of the Mega-Cities in the year 2139, creating a sense of bleakness and chaos that immerses the listener in the world of the film.

Mark Anderson

The use of industrial sounds and dark melodies in the soundtrack enhances the feeling of desolation and chaos in the Cursed Earth. The music immerses the listener in the harsh reality of a post-apocalyptic world, adding depth and emotion to the storytelling of the film.

Paul Harris

The soundtrack of Judge Dredd perfectly captures the dystopian and intense atmosphere of Mega-City One.