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Tags: nepali
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Kaji, a third-standard failed young man from Mustang dreams of marrying Maiya, the daughter of his maternal uncle by any means. Maiya, on the other hand, a student in high school is peeved by his idiotic behaviors, which always disappoints Kaji but never disheartens him. Supported by his two childhood friends Beekay and Chantyal, finally he decides to marry Maiya through capture marriage, which is illegal but still practiced by some ethnic communities in Nepal. To find her long-gone father and to continue her studies in Kathmandu, Maiya elopes with a visitor named Bibek. Inflamed by her disappearance Kaji heads to Kathmandu in search of Maiya and finds himself trapped in a city's conspiracy.

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Maya Khai Kasle Bujhyo
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