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Rating: 7.60/10 from 7900 votes
Tags: serial murder, surname as title
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Un tueur

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Un tueur

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Kiler is a Polish comedy film directed by Juliusz Machulski. The movie follows the story of a taxi driver named Jerzy Kiler, who gets mistaken for a notorious hitman with the same name. As a result, he finds himself caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, as various criminal organizations try to recruit him for their own purposes.

Throughout the film, Kiler must navigate this treacherous world while also trying to clear his name and prove his innocence. With plenty of humor and action-packed sequences, the movie keeps audiences entertained as Jerzy Kiler tries to outsmart his enemies and stay one step ahead of the law.

Will Jerzy Kiler be able to survive this deadly case of mistaken identity, or will he end up becoming the killer everyone thinks he is? Watch Kiler to find out!

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Zlodziej Samochodowy
Szakal Boogie
Jak Zwierzeta
W Porownaniu
Co Ty Tutaj Robisz
Piosenka Dla Dzialacza
Powiedz Skad
Ona Jest Pedalem
Wielki Tenis
Nie Jestem Soba
Wyszkow Tonie
Co Powie Ryba
Ja Mam Szczescie
Ewunia Pomoze
Mijamy Sie

User reviews

John Davis

The soundtrack of Kiler perfectly captures the comedic and action-packed tone of the film. The music enhances the suspenseful moments and adds an extra layer of excitement to the chase scenes, keeping me engaged and entertained throughout.

Linda Jackson

The music sets the tone for each moment in the movie, effectively building tension during suspenseful sequences and adding a touch of humor to the lighter moments, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for viewers to enjoy.

Jennifer Gonzalez

While the soundtrack of Kiler is enjoyable and fitting for the film's genre, some tracks feel a bit generic and predictable. The music, at times, lacks originality and fails to leave a lasting impression. While it serves its purpose in setting the mood for the scenes, a more innovative and memorable score could have elevated the viewing experience even further.

Timothy Phillips

The diverse range of musical styles and tones in the soundtrack of Kiler showcases the versatility and skill of the composers, enhancing the emotional depth of the film and leaving a lasting impression on the audience long after the credits roll.

Michelle Baker

The soundtrack of Kiler perfectly captures the essence of the film, blending seamlessly with the comedic and action-packed scenes to enhance the overall viewing experience.

Michael Mitchell

I particularly enjoyed how the soundtrack seamlessly blends traditional Polish music elements with modern beats, creating a unique and dynamic sound that complements the story and characters of Kiler. The music not only sets the mood for each scene but also adds depth to Jerzy Kiler's character development, making the film even more immersive and enjoyable.

Stephanie Davis

The soundtrack of Kiler perfectly complements the fast-paced and comedic tone of the film. The music enhances the action sequences and adds an extra layer of excitement to Jerzy Kiler's misadventures. The use of upbeat and energetic tracks helps to maintain the pace of the movie and keeps the audience engaged throughout.