Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai: Fugô-mura Soundtrack (


Rohan's editor, Kyoka Izumi, persuades him to accompany her to the exclusive and secluded Millionaire Village. She intends to buy a vacation villa and warns him that the residents are very particular about manners. Outside the village, the pair pick up a lost baby bird and then meet a doorman Ikkyu. He soon claims they have already broken three strict rules and Kyoka begs for another chance. She then receives word that her mother and boyfriend have died in an car accident, while Rohan discovers the baby bird they rescued is dead. Using Heaven's Door on Ikkyu, Rohan discovers that the mountain gods reward those who follow correct manners while punishing those who do not by taking something precious away from them. By using his Stand Rohan commits another violation which causes Kyoka to have a heart attack. Rohan is then tasked with eating corn on the cob correctly to save her, but he sees through Ikkyu's set-up and passes the test. Meanwhile, Rohan simultaneously tricks Ikkyu into repeatedly breaching his own rules of etiquette, saving Kyoka and her loved ones.

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Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai: Fugô-mura
Coda: Performer
Yugo Kanno: Composed and arranged
Karen Aoki: Lyrics