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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

En el ojo del huracán

Title in Italiano:

Hong Kong colpo su colpo

Title in Português:

Knock Off - Embate

Title in Français:

Piège à Hong Kong

Title in Türk:

Son vuruş

Title in Deutsch:

Knock Off


A Hong Kong fashion designer (Jean Claude Van Damme, if you can believe that billing) who had previously been involved in knock offs of major label merchandise, such as "Pumma" running shoes, attempts to go straight with the help of his new partner (Rob Schneider), who is secretly an undercover CIA agent involved in an investigation of the black market.

Their main product, jeans, is involved in the knock offs, which brings a representative (Lela Rochon) of the American company to investigate. Paul Sorvino also appears as the head of the CIA operation in Hong Kong. However, just as Schneider is not as he initially seems, everyone in the film switches roles by film's end.

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Knock Off
Its a Knock-Off
Ron Mael: Performer
Ten Girls
Samuel Hui: Performer
Ying-Wah Wong: Performer
Crazy Mood
Caroly Larson: Performer
Stephen Traub: Copyright socan 1997 produced
Wind in New Orleans
Stephen Traub: Copyright socan 1997 produced
Gabe Lee: Performer
Varouje: Performer
Varouje: Produced

User reviews

Emily Gonzalez

The incorporation of traditional Chinese instruments in certain tracks adds a cultural authenticity to the film, immersing the audience in the setting of Hong Kong.

Nancy Lewis

The diverse range of music genres featured in the soundtrack adds depth and dimension to the film. From energetic electronic beats to suspenseful orchestral pieces, the music enhances the different moods and tones of the story.

Matthew Clark

The soundtrack of Knock Off successfully mirrors the film's tone of suspense and intrigue, creating a sense of mystery and anticipation in key moments.

Sarah Evans

The collaboration of various talented artists on the soundtrack of Knock Off showcases a great mix of styles and influences, creating a dynamic listening experience that complements the on-screen action seamlessly.

Anthony Mitchell

Overall, the music in Knock Off may not be memorable on its own, but it fulfills its role in enhancing the overall viewing experience and supporting the narrative of the film.

James Johnson

The use of intense percussion and energetic beats in the score enhances the action sequences and adds a sense of urgency to the film's chase scenes.

Paul Lewis

The soundtrack of Knock Off felt disjointed and out of place, failing to enhance the action scenes or emotional moments in the film.

Charles Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Knock Off perfectly captures the fast-paced and action-packed atmosphere of the movie. Each track enhances the thrilling scenes and keeps the audience engaged throughout.

Richard Lopez

The music choices often felt generic and uninspired, lacking a distinct style or memorable melodies that could have elevated the overall viewing experience.

Betty Smith

While the soundtrack may not be groundbreaking, it effectively complements the on-screen events and helps to maintain the movie's pacing throughout.

Melissa Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Knock Off manages to capture the fast-paced and chaotic atmosphere of Hong Kong with its blend of electronic and traditional Chinese music elements.