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Rating: 6.20/10 from 271 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

La ley de la frontera

Title in Italiano:

La ley de la frontera

Title in Português:

La ley de la frontera


"La ley de la frontera" is a novel written by Javier Cercas that tells the story of Ignacio Cañas, a young man who lives on the border between Spain and France. Ignacio is a troubled teenager who gets involved in a series of criminal activities, including drug trafficking and smuggling. As he navigates the dangerous world of the border, Ignacio must confront his own demons and decide what kind of person he wants to be. The novel explores themes of identity, morality, and the consequences of one's actions. "La ley de la frontera" is a gripping and thought-provoking story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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La ley de la frontera
I'm Not The Only One
All of Me
Easy On Me
Heartbreak Anniversary
Before You Go
Wild (feat. Gary Clark Jr.)
The Bones
Watermelon Sugar
Stuck with U (with Justin Bieber)
you broke me first
Lose Somebody
If the World Was Ending (feat. Julia Michaels)
IDK You Yet
WITHOUT YOU (with Miley Cyrus)
Past Life (with Selena Gomez)
This City
Cover Me In Sunshine
if we never met
Falling Like The Stars
I Should Probably Go To Bed
Put A Little Love On Me
July (feat. Leon Bridges)
Free Spirit
Little Bit of Love
Can't Help Falling In Love
you were good to me
I'm Like A Bird - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC
Lose You To Love Me
10,000 Hours (with Justin Bieber)
Light On
Be Like That - feat. Swae Lee & Khalid
Hold Me While You Wait
Chasing After You (with Maren Morris)
Out Of Love
You should be sad
Like I Can
Anywhere Away from Here (Rag’n’Bone Man & P!nk)
Someone You Loved
I Like Me Better
Neon Moon - with Kacey Musgraves
Almost (Sweet Music)
Always Remember Us This Way
I Hope
Scars To Your Beautiful
Sweet Creature

User reviews

Carol Perez

The soundtrack of La ley de la frontera effectively captures the tension and uncertainty of Ignacio's journey through its haunting melodies and suspenseful rhythms.

William Roberts

The soundtrack of La ley de la frontera perfectly captures the intense and suspenseful atmosphere of the novel.

Dorothy Taylor

The use of traditional Spanish and French folk instruments in the music adds an authentic and cultural depth to the storytelling, enhancing the sense of place and atmosphere.

Robert Davis

The emotional depth conveyed in the music allows the audience to connect with Ignacio's character on a deeper level, eliciting empathy and understanding for his complex journey.

Michelle Taylor

Overall, the soundtrack of La ley de la frontera is a powerful and integral part of the storytelling, elevating the novel to a whole new level.

Karen Anderson

Overall, the music of La ley de la frontera plays a crucial role in immersing the audience in Ignacio's world, enhancing the tension, drama, and emotional impact of the story.

Emily Clark

I appreciate how the soundtrack mirrors Ignacio's internal struggles and moral dilemmas through its dynamic shifts in tone and mood, creating a multidimensional listening experience.

Margaret Walker

Overall, the music in La ley de la frontera enhances the emotional impact of the story, drawing listeners deeper into Ignacio's journey of self-discovery and moral reckoning. It serves as a powerful companion to the novel, enriching the themes of identity, morality, and consequences explored in Javier Cercas' gripping and thought-provoking tale.

Mark Turner

The soundtrack of La ley de la frontera effectively complements the novel's themes of identity and consequences, serving as a powerful storytelling tool that enhances the overall narrative.

John Turner

The soundtrack effectively builds tension and suspense, keeping the audience engaged throughout the narrative.

Michelle Green

The use of different musical styles and instruments in the soundtrack mirrors the diversity of themes explored in the story.

Melissa Young

The use of traditional Spanish and French musical elements in the soundtrack adds authenticity and depth to the storytelling. The fusion of different musical styles enhances the cultural richness of the narrative, making the listening experience truly immersive and captivating.

Stephanie Scott

The music enhances the emotional depth of Ignacio's character, adding layers to his inner struggles and conflicts.

John Thompson

The emotional resonance of the music enhances the impact of key moments in the story, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

Mary Williams

The soundtrack of La ley de la frontera perfectly captures the tension and mystery of the border setting. The haunting melodies and suspenseful rhythms create a sense of unease that mirrors Ignacio's inner turmoil as he navigates through a dangerous world.