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Rating: 8.10/10 from 1900 votes
Tags: burning bed
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Lady Gaga: Bad Romance

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Lady Gaga: Bad Romance

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Lady Gaga: Bad Romance

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Lady Gaga: Bad Romance

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Lady Gaga: Bad Romance

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Lady Gaga: Bad Romance


Lady Gaga: Bad Romance

Lady Gaga takes a leaf out of Madonna's book, no, not 'Sex,' in a more general way, with quasi-religious imaging, domination & submission, sexual violence, and just a whole lot of stuff simmering out there in the open. Highly esoteric video, not everybody's cup of tea, totally overstyled, tells a far simpler story, the abduction of an innocent girl who eventually triumphs over the ruthless man who took possession of her, the ultimate 'Bad Romance,' but it is filmed in a surreal style with weird-ass costumes that quite simply do not make sense except in their overly-dramatic way.

Lady Gaga the ingénue appears as what can only be described as a doll, a wide-eyed oddly-unsettling kind of anime doll with a bizarre nearly-blank expression. She defies description, you will have to see for yourself. Her captors are weird, faceless white-clad figures that move like zombies. Suffice to say that they too cannot be done justice with words, so see for yourself.

Actually, the whole set-up is one confounding mess of so many weird things happening, that while you try to make sense of it, so many other things happen... But there is Lady Gaga, getting her clothes ripped off, covering up, getting auctioned off on the slave market, surveyed by a forceful man. She turns the tables on him, sets his bed on fire, and he is burnt to a crisp, only his charred skeleton remaining, it's her electrically-charged bra that did it.

There is the sight of her lingerie-clad figure triumphantly posed on a polar bear skin rug in front of the burning bed. It occurs in a flash, but it's an unforgettable image.

The story-line is interrupted by a display of Lady Gaga wearing the kind of shoes that make the most impractical pair of Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos, whatever, look like a leisurely stroll in the park. These are total alien monstrosities designed to keep a chiropractor in business. "Walk, walk, fashion, baby, work it, bitch, c-razy...!" as she plods on with those nasty impediments, a witchy caricature.

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User reviews

Daniel Green

The collaboration between Lady Gaga and her team of producers and songwriters shines through in the cohesive and polished sound of the soundtrack.

Edward Martin

Overall, the Bad Romance soundtrack by Lady Gaga is a testament to her artistic vision and creativity, pushing boundaries and redefining the pop music genre with its bold and unapologetic approach.

Andrew Young

The Bad Romance music video by Lady Gaga is a visually stunning and bold artistic expression. The surreal style and weird-ass costumes create a mesmerizing and esoteric atmosphere that draws the viewer in. Lady Gaga's portrayal as an anime doll with a nearly-blank expression adds an unsettling yet captivating layer to the narrative. The imagery of her triumphantly posed on a polar bear skin rug in front of the burning bed is truly unforgettable and showcases her fearless creativity.

Joshua Williams

The Bad Romance soundtrack by Lady Gaga is a bold and avant-garde musical production that perfectly complements the eclectic nature of the music video.

Richard Phillips

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance soundtrack is a bold and daring piece of work that perfectly complements the edgy and surreal visuals of the music video. The combination of haunting melodies, electronic beats, and Lady Gaga's powerful vocals creates a truly unique and captivating listening experience.

John Lee

The innovative use of electronic effects and vocal manipulation in Bad Romance adds a futuristic and experimental edge to the music.

Elizabeth Robinson

Lady Gaga's vocals in Bad Romance are powerful and emotive, showcasing her versatility as a singer and performer.

William Harris

The catchy hooks and memorable melodies in Bad Romance make it a standout track that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Donna Hernandez

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance music video is a provocative and empowering piece of art that challenges societal norms and expectations. The storyline of the innocent girl turning the tables on her captor with her electrically-charged bra is a symbol of female empowerment and liberation. The video's juxtaposition of domination & submission themes with a message of triumph over adversity creates a compelling and thought-provoking narrative. Lady Gaga's fearless performance, coupled with the bizarre and overstyled visuals, make Bad Romance a groundbreaking and iconic music video.

John Thompson

The instrumental arrangement in Bad Romance is intricate and well-crafted, adding layers of texture and depth to the music.

Steven Martinez

The soundtrack expertly captures the dark and mysterious themes of the music video, adding an extra layer of depth and emotion to the storytelling. The dramatic crescendos and intense instrumentals enhance the overall atmosphere of the song, making it a truly memorable and impactful piece of music.

Betty Perez

The lyrics of the song are provocative and thought-provoking, adding depth and complexity to the overall theme of the track.

Lisa Hernandez

The mix of pop, electronic, and dance elements in the soundtrack creates a dynamic and energetic listening experience that keeps the audience engaged throughout.

David Clark

The production quality of the soundtrack is top-notch, with a clear and crisp sound that enhances the overall listening experience.