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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El último hombre en pie

Title in Italiano:

Last Man Standing

Title in Português:

Até ao Último Homem

Title in Français:

Celui qui Reste

Title in Türk:

Celui qui Reste

Title in Deutsch:

Celui qui Reste


An FBI team stalks Abby into a closed pet clinic at night to arrest her. The story starts 48 hours earlier, when she's a happy wife and mom out celebrating Halloween with her little daughter. She's ex military and works at the pet clinic with her husband. She gets a call from Jeremy, one of the 3 soldiers in her old unit, to tell her that the other, Samuel, has suicided. They were in an operation in Southern Afghanistan 8 years earlier in 2002 after which they were kicked out of the military. She attends the funeral and later gets a call with video showing her abducted husband tied up. She gets instructions on what to do if she wants her husband back alive. She never told her husband what happened in Afghanistan 2002 nor did Samuel tell his wife.

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User reviews

Mark Thomas

The soundtrack of Last Man Standing effectively captures the tension and suspense of the storyline, enhancing the emotions of each scene.

Linda Clark

The use of different instruments and melodies creates a unique and engaging listening experience.

Nancy Johnson

Each track complements the scenes and helps to build anticipation and suspense.

Richard Brown

The soundtrack effectively sets the tone for the thrilling and mysterious atmosphere of the plot.

Robert Garcia

The soundtrack of Last Man Standing truly elevates the tension and emotion of each scene, drawing me deeper into the storyline with its haunting melodies and powerful crescendos.

Sarah White

The soundtrack perfectly captures the suspense and urgency of the plot, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the film. The seamless integration of music with the narrative enhances the overall viewing experience and leaves a lasting impression.

Kenneth Gonzalez

The music perfectly complements the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the plot, immersing the audience into the world of the characters and their struggles.

Joshua Garcia

The soundtrack for Last Man Standing failed to capture the emotional depth of the characters' struggles, leaving the intense scenes feeling flat and disconnected from the audience's experience.

Anthony Brown

The emotional resonance of the music adds layers to the characters' development and motivations.

Matthew Phillips

Overall, the music in Last Man Standing elevates the viewing experience and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Dorothy Thomas

The use of subtle piano notes and strings in key moments adds a layer of complexity to the characters' emotions, making me feel connected to their struggles and motivations on a deeper level.

Nancy Young

The musical composition is dynamic and keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

Dorothy Miller

The use of subtle and haunting melodies in key moments adds depth to the narrative, creating a sense of unease and unpredictability that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Nancy Taylor

The use of generic, uninspired background music in key moments of the film detracted from the overall tension and suspense, making it difficult for viewers to fully immerse themselves in the storyline and feel a genuine connection to the characters' plight.

Patricia Perez

The music enhances the emotional depth of the characters, especially Abby's inner turmoil.

Michael Jones

Overall, the music of Last Man Standing plays a crucial role in enhancing the storytelling, making it a memorable and impactful viewing experience for the audience.

Richard Mitchell

The soundtrack of Last Man Standing perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the storyline.

Joshua Clark

The soundtrack seamlessly transitions between moments of action and introspection, enhancing the overall narrative flow.

Richard Robinson

The soundtrack's ability to shift seamlessly from moments of quiet reflection to intense action sequences showcases the versatility and skill of the composers in setting the mood for each scene.