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Rating: 7.20/10 from 65000 votes
Tags: sleeping outdoors
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

No dejes rastro

Title in Italiano:

Senza lasciare traccia

Title in Português:

Leave No Trace

Title in Français:

Leave No Trace

Title in Türk:

İz Bırakma

Title in Deutsch:

Leave No Trace


Will, an Iraq War veteran suffering from PTSD, lives with his 13-year-old daughter, Tom, in a public park outside Portland, Oregon. They live in almost total isolation, only entering town for occasional food and supplies. Will makes their money by selling his VA-issued painkillers to other veterans.

After Tom is accidentally spotted in the woods by a jogger, officers arrest them and place them into social services. They are given food and a house on a Christmas tree farm in rural Oregon, on the condition that Will abides by the rules of the home owner and social services. Will begrudgingly begins to work on the settlement packaging pine trees, while Tom begins school and interacts with local kids her age in a 4H club.

Will feels oppressed by others' presence and tells Tom they are returning to the woods. She follows reluctantly.

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Leave No Trace
Killing Time
Eric Wikman: Writer
Quite a Feeling
Barna Howard: Writer
Honey Suckle Song
Ray Stinnett: Writer
Ray Stinnett: Performer
O My Stars
Michael Hurley: Writer
Michael Hurley: Performer
Dark Holler
Michael Hurley: Performer
Moon Boat
Alex Pfeffer: Performer

User reviews

Edward Turner

The soundtrack of Leave No Trace enhances the film's storytelling, immersing the audience in the characters' experiences and making their journey of survival and resilience even more impactful.

Daniel Davis

The haunting melodies and subtle instrumentals create a sense of solitude and introspection, mirroring the isolated life Will and Tom lead in the woods outside Portland.

Matthew Hernandez

The soundtrack of Leave No Trace perfectly captures the emotional journey of Will and Tom through its haunting and introspective melodies.

Mark Roberts

The use of ambient sounds in the soundtrack enhances the immersion into the natural setting of the film, creating a sense of being surrounded by the vast wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Joshua Miller

The score's subtle shifts in tone mirror Tom's emotional journey as she navigates between her loyalty to her father and her growing curiosity about the world beyond their isolated existence.

Patricia Campbell

The music effortlessly conveys the sense of isolation and longing for freedom that Will and Tom experience while living in the woods, immersing the listener in their world of solitude and survival.

Charles Martin

The music perfectly conveys the emotional complexities of Will's PTSD and his struggles to cope with his past traumas, adding depth and nuance to his character development.

Brian Jones

The music beautifully underscores the emotional bond between father and daughter, adding depth and poignancy to their intimate moments together in the wilderness.

Brian Robinson

The soundtrack of Leave No Trace effectively captures the sense of isolation and solitude experienced by Will and Tom through its minimalistic and haunting melodies.

Linda Turner

The soundtrack of Leave No Trace perfectly captures the raw emotions and inner struggles of the characters, especially Will's PTSD and Tom's journey of self-discovery.

Donald Harris

As the story progresses and they are forced to integrate into society, the soundtrack evolves to reflect their internal conflict and the bittersweet moments of connection and growth they experience. It adds depth and richness to the film's narrative, enhancing the viewer's emotional connection to the characters and their struggles.