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Rating: 6.40/10 from 140000 votes
Tags: impersonating a police officer, football game, smoking marijuana, waterboarding, fictional tv commercial
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Vamos de polis

Title in Italiano:

Bastardi in divisa

Title in Português:

Armados em Polícias

Title in Français:

Cops: Les forces du désordre

Title in Türk:

Çakma Polisler


Ohio natives and close friends Justin and Ryan move to Los Angeles in hopes of making something of themselves. However, life there is not as promising as they hoped and the duo contemplate moving back to Ohio.

However, when the duo don police uniforms for a college reunion party, they are viewed as real cops and begin to impersonate as cops. While Ryan sees this as a perfect opportunity to get somewhere, Justin worries of the legal consequences of their actions.

However, when the duo get caught up in a criminal scheme, they are forced to put aside their differences and become the cops they are impersonating.

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Let's Be Cops
I Want It That Way
Andreas Carlsson: Writer
Backstreet Boys: Performer
Cross My Heart
Richard Myhill: Writer
New Era
David Molyneux: Writer
Moon Is Full
Stephen Boyd: Writer
Club Hoppin'
Jesse Josefsson: Writer
Jesse Josefsson: Performer
Epic Intro
Danny Saber: Writer
Danny Saber: Performer
Rock You Like a Hurricane
Scorpions: Performer
Rudolf Schenker: Writer
Bueller (Feat. Chuck English)
Diplo: Writer
Harpsichord Jig
Laurence Joyce: Writer
String Quartet in G Major
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Writer
Walter Warren: Arrangement
Emperor Quartet - Poco Adagio Contabile
This Magic Moment
Lou Reed: Performer
Doc Pomus: Writer
Be Easy
Let's Hear It for the Boy
Dean Pitchford: Writer
Biggie Bounce (TWRK Remix)
Diplo: Writer
Diplo: Performer
Above the Law
Jonny Pakfar: Writer
Shane Eli Abrahams: Performer
Shots Go Off (Whiite Remix)
B-Real: Writer
Cypress Hill: Performer
Timbaland: Writer
Ginuwine: Performer
Big Banana
Carnage: Writer
Carnage: Performer
All of Me
DeYon Dobson: Writer
Martin Solveig: Writer
Martin Solveig: Performer
Wrecking Ball
Dr. Luke: Writer
Stuck in the Middle with You
Joe Egan: Writer
Lazlo Bane: Performer
My Superman
Santigold: Writer
Santigold: Performer
Pensando Em Voce
Alice Coelho: Writer
Sandwitches (Feat. Hodgy Beats)
Tyler the Creator: Performer
Hodgy Beats: Writer
Eric Stevenson: Writer
Shadows Fall: Performer
I Am Legend/Out for Blood
Christopher Amott: Writer
Arch Enemy: Performer
Addio del Passato
Giuseppe Verdi: Writer
The Funeral
Ben Bridwell: Writer
Band of Horses: Performer
The Perfect Life
Moby: Writer
Moby: Performer

User reviews

Lisa Scott

Overall, the soundtrack of Let's Be Cops is a strong aspect of the film that contributes to its entertainment value. The music complements the story and characters well, making it a memorable part of the viewing experience.

William Perez

The soundtrack of Let's Be Cops does a great job of enhancing the comedic elements of the movie. The music adds to the humor and light-heartedness of the film, making it more enjoyable to watch.

Donna Thomas

The soundtrack of Let's Be Cops really captures the lighthearted and comedic tone of the movie. The upbeat tracks perfectly complement the hilarious situations the characters find themselves in.

Paul Phillips

The variety of music genres in the soundtrack keeps the audience engaged and entertained.

Brian Hernandez

The incorporation of music into key moments of the movie, such as chase scenes or comedic montages, enhances the impact of those scenes and makes them more memorable.

Thomas Young

The music choices in Let's Be Cops are diverse and eclectic, appealing to a wide range of musical tastes. This variety adds depth to the soundtrack and prevents it from feeling repetitive.

Jennifer Allen

The soundtrack effectively sets the mood for the different scenes, whether it's a funny moment between the main characters or a tense action sequence. It helps to keep the audience engaged throughout the film.

Elizabeth King

The music choices in the film help to highlight key moments and emotions in the storyline.

Mark Brown

The use of popular songs in the soundtrack adds a fun and familiar element to the movie. It enhances the overall viewing experience and makes the scenes more engaging.

Kimberly Phillips

The upbeat and energetic beats in the soundtrack enhance the overall mood of the film.

Ronald Evans

The soundtrack features a good balance of well-known tracks and lesser-known gems, creating a dynamic listening experience for viewers both during and after watching the movie.

Margaret Young

The use of popular songs in the soundtrack adds a familiar and enjoyable element to the movie experience.

Susan Wilson

The soundtrack of Let's Be Cops perfectly captures the fun and adventurous spirit of the film. The upbeat and energetic music enhances the comedic moments and keeps the audience engaged throughout the movie.

Steven Wright

The soundtrack effectively creates a sense of excitement and fun throughout the movie.

Amanda Lee

The soundtrack of Let's Be Cops perfectly captures the comedic and adventurous tone of the movie.

Mark Hill

Overall, the soundtrack of Let's Be Cops contributes to the film's entertainment value and leaves a lasting impression on the viewers.

Anthony Wilson

The blend of different music genres in the soundtrack adds depth and dimension to the scenes, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for the viewers. The selection of songs complements the storyline and helps set the tone for each scene, enhancing the overall viewing experience.