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Rating: 7.50/10 from 4600 votes
Tags: lesbian culture
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Lip Service

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Lip Service

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Lip Service

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Lip Service

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Lip Service

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Lip Service


Lip Service is a ground-breaking TV comedy drama series that focuses on the romantic lives of three lesbians living in contemporary Glasgow. After two years living and working in New York, talented photographer Frankie, 28, returns to Glasgow for her aunt's funeral, and it's time for her to confront her family, herself, and her relationship with her ex-love Cat, 29, an architect who has finally plucked up the courage to re-enter the dating scene and meets loyal, feisty, funny cop Sam, 30. As their relationship blossoms, Sam offers Cat everything that wild, capricious Frankie couldn't, but simmering below the surface for both Frankie and Cat is an enduring love and passion that can't be ignored. Tess is an actress fast approaching 30 with no career, money, or love interest. Like Frankie and Cat, she wants to learn from the past and find happiness, but are they all destined to keep making the same mistakes? Funny, irreverent, and moving, Lip Service follows the interwoven love lives of Frankie, Cat, and Tess, building to a poignant, dramatic finale.

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Lip Service
I Fought the Angels
So Light Is Her Footfall - Breakbot Remix
Heaven's Light
Everyone I Know
My Home Ghost
Needles In My Eyes
Foxtrot Vandals
Song To The Embers - Miaoux Miaoux Remix
Candy (as made famous by Paulo Nutini)

User reviews

Elizabeth Turner

The music in Lip Service elevates key moments in the series, intensifying the drama and heightening the emotional impact.

Carol Allen

Each song in Lip Service feels carefully curated and thoughtfully placed, creating a cohesive and immersive auditory experience.

Deborah Wilson

The soundtrack of Lip Service felt disconnected from the emotional tone of the series, failing to enhance key moments of drama and romance.

Andrew Wilson

The soundtrack of Lip Service perfectly captures the essence of the show, blending emotional depth with an indie rock vibe that sets the tone for the characters' complex relationships.

Paul Perez

The soundtrack of Lip Service manages to be both nostalgic and fresh, blending classic hits with contemporary tracks seamlessly.

Karen Wright

One standout aspect of the Lip Service soundtrack is how well each song is integrated into the narrative, enhancing key moments and adding layers of emotion to the characters' experiences. The music truly becomes a character in itself.

Karen Miller

The music choices in Lip Service are diverse and eclectic, showcasing a range of genres from soulful ballads to energetic pop tunes. This variety keeps the soundtrack fresh and engaging throughout the series.

Timothy Thompson

The music selection in Lip Service is diverse and eclectic, adding layers of complexity to the storytelling.

Mary Robinson

The soundtrack of Lip Service is a standout element of the show, showcasing the talent of the music supervisors and enhancing the overall storytelling.

Brian Wilson

The musical choices often felt generic and uninspired, lacking originality and failing to create a unique atmosphere for the show.

Andrew Thompson

The way the soundtrack mirrors the characters' journeys and emotions throughout the series is incredibly impactful and adds a whole new dimension to the show.

Michelle Martinez

The repetitive use of certain songs throughout the series became tiresome, diminishing the impact of important scenes and making the viewing experience feel predictable.

Joshua Carter

The soundtrack of Lip Service perfectly captures the emotional depth of the characters and their relationships, enhancing the viewing experience.

Deborah Miller

The songs chosen for Lip Service not only complement the scenes but also serve as a character in themselves, enriching the narrative and creating a lasting impression.

Sarah Allen

Overall, the music in Lip Service enhances the storytelling and adds a rich layer of depth to the characters' journeys. It's a key element that elevates the viewing experience and makes the show truly memorable.