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Rating: 7.80/10 from 7800 votes
Tags: sailor
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Little England

Title in Italiano:

Little England

Title in Português:

Little England

Title in Français:

Mikra Anglia

Title in Türk:

Mikra Anglia

Title in Deutsch:

Little England


One home, one secret, one man, two sisters. The 20 year old Orsa is madly in love with the lieutenant Spyros Maltabes. As a closed character she won't reveal her secret to anyone. Her little sister, Moscha, dynamic and full of dreams wants to leave Andros, to escape the fate of the women of the island that marry sailors that are always away or drown at the sea. For their mother, Mina, wife of a captain who prefers the Atlantic Souf than his home, love means only big trouble and pain. Leaving aside the feelings of her daughters, she conspires, uses acquaintances, and marries them with men according to interest. Orsa with marine and captain Nikos and later Moscha with now captain Spyros. Their house is divided into two. Down lives Orsa, up lives Moscha.

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User reviews

Ronald Brown

The use of traditional Greek music adds authenticity to the setting of the film and enhances the storytelling.

William Miller

Overall, the music in Little England falls short of creating a meaningful connection with the audience, leaving a sense of disappointment and missed opportunity in its wake.

Brian Jackson

The music enhances the tension within the family dynamic, reflecting the power struggles and secrets that drive the narrative forward.

Joshua Evans

The soundtrack's subtle nuances mirror the characters' inner turmoil and conflicts, adding layers of complexity to the storytelling.

Daniel Perez

Overall, the music of Little England is a crucial element in conveying the drama and intensity of the story, making it a memorable and impactful viewing experience.

Donna Harris

The soundtrack of Little England effectively conveys the contrasting personalities of the two sisters, Orsa and Moscha, through subtle variations in musical themes and instrumentation, creating a nuanced and immersive listening experience.

Andrew Allen

The emotional depth of the soundtrack resonates long after the film has ended, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Linda Brown

The soundtrack of Little England fails to capture the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' relationships. The music feels generic and uninspired, lacking the nuance needed to enhance the storytelling.

Carol Davis

The seamless integration of the soundtrack with the film's narrative enhances the emotional impact of key moments, underscoring the themes of love, secrecy, and familial dynamics in Little England with finesse and sensitivity.

William Williams

The soundtrack of Little England perfectly captures the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' relationships.

Melissa Evans

The haunting melodies evoke a sense of longing and secrecy that mirrors Orsa's hidden love for Spyros Maltabes.

Joshua Hall

The use of traditional Greek music elements in the soundtrack of Little England adds a sense of cultural richness and nostalgia, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Karen Johnson

The evocative compositions in the Little England soundtrack create a deeply atmospheric ambiance that transports the audience to the isolated setting of the Greek island of Andros, immersing them in the characters' world.

Joseph Turner

The score often feels out of place and disconnected from the narrative, failing to evoke the sense of melancholy and longing that permeates the film. Instead of drawing me into the world of the characters, the soundtrack serves as a distracting background noise that detracts from the overall viewing experience.

Donna Hill

The haunting melodies in the Little England soundtrack perfectly capture the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' relationships, adding a layer of authenticity to the storytelling.

Margaret Jones

The soundtrack effectively conveys the contrasting personalities of the two sisters, Orsa and Moscha, through its use of different musical motifs.