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Rating: 6.10/10 from 8700 votes
Tags: toy robot, pizzeria
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:


Title in Italiano:

Seduttore a domicilio

Title in Português:

O mais querido pelas mulheres


College sophomore Randy Bodek is unfocused. The only thing he knows is that he loves his roommate, Jenny Gordon, who feels unappreciated as other things in his life seem to take precedence over her. He hasn't even told his parents, Diane and Joe Bodek, that he is living with a female, let alone a significant other, so Jenny breaks up with him at the end of the semester.

While Randy is home during the summer break, Joe, against Diane's wishes, decides not to fund Randy's college education anymore as he is flunking all his classes and hasn't yet declared a major. Not knowing what to do besides try to get back to college if only to be with Jenny, Randy gets a minimum-wage job as a pizza-delivery guy.

During the course of his job, he meets Alex Barnett, a beautiful, sophisticated older woman who likes extra anchovies on her pizza. To his surprise, she seduces him, after their sexual encounter and gives him $200 to help him get back to college. Without telling him, she ends up telling her neglected, married female friends about Randy, and the pizza joint suddenly gets many more orders for pizzas with extra anchovies.

Although Randy balks at the notion of being a stud for hire, he eventually goes along with it if only to pay for his college tuition and be able to return to Jenny. In the process, he finds that most of the women just want companionship, romance, and attention, which he ends up being able to provide, and which he didn't provide in a meaningful way to Jenny.

There is the potential problem of anyone finding out what is happening, mainly his boss, angry jealous husbands, his parents, and most specifically Jenny, who might have other guys waiting in the wings. Meanwhile, on the eve of their 20th anniversary, his parents face their own marital problems--which Diane might feel could be solved by a $200 pizza with extra anchovies.

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Walkin' the Line
Brian Wilson: Writer
Brian Wilson: Performer
One For The Boys
Brian Wilson: Writer
Brian Wilson: Performer
Melt Away
Brian Wilson: Writer
Brian Wilson: Performer
What I Am
Wild Wild West
Trevor Steel: Writer
Anwyhere's Better Than Here
I Wanna Be Around
They Can't Take That Away From Me
Blue Tango
Great Balls of Fire
Hawaiian War Chant
Tiger Rag
Blue Hawaii
Tell Me
Another Lover
Gardner Cole: Performer
Walkin' the Line
Brian Wilson: Performer
Anwyhere's Better Than Here
Paul Westerberg: Performer
They Can't Take That Away From Me
George Gershwin: Performer

User reviews

Melissa Adams

The choice of songs in the film felt disconnected and jarring, often pulling the viewer out of the narrative instead of immersing them in the unfolding drama. The lack of cohesion in the musical selections detracted from the overall viewing experience, leaving a disjointed and forgettable impression.

Margaret Hall

Listening to the soundtrack outside of the movie brings back memories of the characters and their struggles, making me appreciate the film even more. The music truly elevates the overall viewing experience and leaves a lasting impression that lingers long after the credits roll.

Timothy Green

The romantic melodies in the background beautifully underscore the evolving relationships in the film, creating a poignant and heartfelt atmosphere that resonates with the audience.

Kimberly Mitchell

The soundtrack's use of upbeat and energetic tunes during Randy's escapades as a pizza delivery guy adds a fun and lively vibe to the film, enhancing the comedic elements of the story.

William Thompson

The music choices in Loverboy enhance the overall viewing experience, immersing the audience in the characters' world and emotions, making it a memorable and engaging film.

Jennifer Young

The choice of music throughout the film is spot-on, enhancing the emotional depth of each scene and adding an extra layer of charm to the storyline. The songs not only complement the narrative but also evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing that resonates with the audience on a personal level.

Donald Lewis

The soundtrack of Loverboy is a delightful mix of upbeat and nostalgic tunes that perfectly capture the essence of the 80s era in which the movie is set. Each song transports me back in time, making me feel like I'm right there with Randy as he navigates his complicated love life.

Daniel Taylor

The soundtrack of Loverboy failed to capture the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' relationships, resorting to generic and uninspired musical cues that did not enhance the storytelling.

Nancy Hall

The soundtrack of Loverboy perfectly captures the youthful and carefree essence of the college experience, setting the tone for Randy's journey of self-discovery and romance.

Joshua Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Loverboy skillfully mirrors the characters' internal conflicts and desires, adding layers of complexity to their personalities and motivations.

Betty Harris

The music in Loverboy effectively conveys the emotional turmoil and conflict faced by the characters, adding depth and resonance to their struggles and relationships.