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Vishal gets the news that his younger brother Arjun has passed away in the city upon reaching the city he is robbed by Jhumri and finds from Arjun's friend that he was killed by Godha's.The city is terrorized by Bada Godha and his on Suraj (Chota Ghoda) and Arjun had fallen in love with Pooja daughter of Bada Ghoda and was killed by Suraj.Vishwa a former rival of Godha's has turned a close relative to them in the motive of destroying them.Vishal wants to revenge on the Godha's and finds that from Vishwa who really killed Arjun but finds that he is very much alive.

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Ah Bahon Me Ah Dekhu Tujhey Main Pyar Se
Do Dooni Char Hua Re, Pyar Hua Pyar Hua Re
Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak Dil Dhadke
I Love You, Pyaar Karu Choo, Zala Mala Prem Zala
I Love You, Pyar Hoi Gava, Mein Tenhu Pyar Kardiya