Mars Needs Moms Soundtrack (

Mars Needs Moms Soundtrack (2011) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Marte necesita madres

Title in Italiano:

Milo su Marte

Title in Português:

Mães Precisam-se... em Marte


On Mars, the female babies are nursed by robots while the male babies are dumped in the junkyard under the command of Supervisor. They research Earth and finds that the boy Milo is raised by his Mom with love and discipline. The Martians come to Earth and abduct Mom, to use her brain to instruct the robots about how to raise children. However, Milo sneaks into the spaceship and comes to Mars. He meets Gribble, a young man that behaves like a child and together with the hippie Martian Ki and Gribble's friend Wingnut, they try to rescue Mom and bring her back to Earth. But Supervisor will give her best efforts to stop Milo and his friends.

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