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Rating: 6.50/10 from 6000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

¡Que suene la música!

Title in Italiano:

La sfida delle mogli

Title in Português:

Military Wives - Mulheres de Armas

Title in Français:

The Singing Club

Title in Türk:

The Singing Club

Title in Deutsch:

Mrs. Taylor's Singing Club


Military Wives is a heartwarming film that follows a group of women who come together to form a choir while their partners are serving in Afghanistan.

The choir starts off as a way to pass the time and distract themselves from the worry and stress of having loved ones in a war zone. However, as they begin to sing together, they find a sense of camaraderie and support that helps them through the difficult times.

As the choir gains popularity and starts to perform for larger audiences, the women must navigate their own personal struggles and differences to keep the group together. Through the power of music, they learn to lean on each other and find strength in their shared experiences.

Military Wives is a touching story of friendship, resilience, and the healing power of music in the face of adversity.

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Military Wives
Roland Orzabal: Writer
Sharon Horgan: Performer
Robbie Williams: Writer
Robbie Williams: Performer
Don't You Want Me
Jo Callis: Writer
Time After Time
Rob Hyman: Writer
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Elton John: Writer
Gus Dudgeon: Produced
Morning Has Broken
Only You
Vince Clarke: Writer
We Are Family
Nile Rodgers: Writer
World in Motion
Keith Allen: Writer
Thank You
Dido: Writer
Home Thoughts From Abroad
Robbie Williams: Writer
Sharon Horgan: Performer
Don't You Want Me
Robbie Williams: Performer
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Robbie Williams: Performer

User reviews

Ronald Nelson

The songs chosen for the film perfectly complemented the narrative, adding an extra layer of depth and emotion to the storytelling.

Steven Hernandez

The choir's journey mirrored by the music they sang created a powerful connection between the characters and the audience, making the soundtrack a crucial element of the storytelling.

Elizabeth Rodriguez

The songs in Military Wives are not only enjoyable to listen to but also carry a deeper message of resilience and hope, making them resonate with the audience on a personal level.

Kenneth Parker

Some of the vocal performances in the choir scenes sounded off-key and unpolished, which took away from the emotional impact of the songs. It was distracting and made it hard to fully connect with the characters' journey.

Charles Allen

The way the music evolved alongside the characters' personal growth and struggles added a dynamic and immersive element to the overall cinematic experience.

Steven Garcia

The original songs featured in the soundtrack are particularly powerful, capturing the spirit of the women's journey and serving as a source of inspiration for both the characters and the audience.

Daniel Garcia

The musical arrangements are uplifting and poignant, reflecting the highs and lows of the women's experiences as they come together to support each other through challenging times.

Kimberly Rodriguez

Overall, the music in Military Wives plays a central role in conveying the heartwarming message of the film, showcasing the transformative power of coming together through music in times of hardship.

Betty Jackson

The emotional depth and resonance of the Military Wives soundtrack truly captured the essence of the film's themes of friendship and resilience.

George Harris

The music in Military Wives had a way of evoking a wide range of emotions, from hope and joy to sadness and reflection, making it a multi-layered and impactful soundtrack.

Timothy Allen

The soundtrack effectively enhances the storytelling in the film, adding depth and emotional impact to key moments and helping to convey the themes of friendship and empowerment.

Brian Walker

The soundtrack of Military Wives captures the emotional journey of the characters beautifully, with each song evoking a sense of unity and solidarity among the choir members.

Joshua Johnson

Each song in the film seemed carefully chosen to reflect the emotional arc of the characters, creating a cohesive and impactful musical narrative.

Edward Hill

The Military Wives soundtrack served as a poignant reminder of the resilience and strength found in unity and the healing power of music in overcoming adversity.

Mary Mitchell

The harmonies in the choir performances were not only beautifully arranged but also carried a powerful message of solidarity and support.

David Campbell

Each track in the soundtrack perfectly complements the narrative of the film, adding depth and poignancy to the story of these women. The music is not just a background element but a crucial part of conveying the themes of friendship, support, and the healing power of music.

Richard Brown

The soundtrack of Military Wives not only entertained but also inspired, reminding us of the transformative power of music in bringing people together.

Joseph White

The soundtrack of Military Wives had a way of staying with me long after the film ended, proving its lasting impact and memorable melodies.

Susan Adams

I felt that the orchestration of the music in certain scenes was overpowering and overshadowed the voices of the choir members. It made it difficult to focus on the lyrics and the emotions behind the songs, detracting from the overall listening experience.

Matthew Taylor

The soundtrack of Military Wives felt repetitive and lacked diversity in musical styles. I found myself getting bored with the same type of songs throughout the film.

Amanda Williams

The soundtrack of Military Wives beautifully captures the emotional journey of the characters as they come together to form a choir. The songs are not only moving but also uplifting, reflecting the group's resilience and bond during challenging times.

Dorothy King

The vocal performances in the soundtrack are heartfelt and authentic, conveying the raw emotions of the characters as they find solace and strength in their shared passion for music.