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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Canton Godfather

Title in Italiano:

The Canton Godfather

Title in Português:

Miracles: The Canton Godfather


Miracles: The Canton Godfather is a Hong Kong action comedy film directed by Jackie Chan. The movie follows the story of a country boy named Kuo Cheng-Wah who moves to Canton in search of a better life.

Kuo Cheng-Wah soon finds himself caught up in the world of organized crime and becomes a trusted member of a powerful gang. However, when a rival gang threatens the peace in Canton, Kuo Cheng-Wah must use his wits and martial arts skills to protect his new family.

Miracles: The Canton Godfather is known for its impressive action sequences and Jackie Chan's signature blend of comedy and stunts. The film showcases Chan's talent as both an actor and a director, making it a must-watch for fans of martial arts cinema.

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User reviews

John Carter

The blend of traditional Chinese instruments and modern beats in the soundtrack creates a unique and captivating atmosphere that immerses the audience in the vibrant world of Canton and the thrilling adventures of Kuo Cheng-Wah.

Deborah Nelson

Each musical composition in the film complements the narrative and emotional moments, adding depth and intensity to the characters' journey and struggles.

Amanda Martin

The blend of traditional Chinese instruments with modern orchestration in the soundtrack adds depth and authenticity to the film's setting and story.

Karen White

The music elevates the impact of Jackie Chan's impressive stunts and martial arts sequences, creating a dynamic and engaging viewing experience.

Edward Martin

The music enhances the emotional depth of the story, adding layers of tension and excitement to the plot.

Sarah Phillips

The music immerses you in the world of organized crime in Canton, enhancing the suspense and drama of Kuo Cheng-Wah's journey.

Charles Green

Each track in the soundtrack complements the different moods and themes of the movie, showcasing the versatility and creativity of the composers.

Nancy Moore

The melodies in the soundtrack evoke a sense of nostalgia for classic martial arts films, while also incorporating modern elements to appeal to contemporary audiences.

Daniel Hill

The use of traditional Chinese instruments in the music adds an authentic and cultural touch to the overall cinematic experience.

Donna Scott

Each track in the soundtrack captures the emotional complexity of the characters, especially Kuo Cheng-Wah's internal struggle between loyalty and survival.

Michelle Anderson

The soundtrack seamlessly blends with the visuals, creating a cohesive and immersive viewing experience that keeps viewers engaged throughout the film.