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Rating: 6.10/10 from 1000 votes
Tags: housemate, eye surgery, cafe waitress
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Accidentally in Love

Title in Italiano:

Accidentally in Love

Title in Português:

Accidentally in Love

Title in Français:

Pour les yeux de Taylor

Title in Türk:

Pour les yeux de Taylor

Title in Deutsch:

Pour les yeux de Taylor


Accidentally in Love

When a clumsy but lovable bookstore owner accidentally bumps into a famous actor at a coffee shop, their worlds collide in the most unexpected way. Sparks fly as they navigate through misunderstandings, paparazzi, and the pressures of fame. Will they be able to overcome their differences and find true love?

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Accidentally In Love - From "Shrek 2" Soundtrack
I'm A Believer - Soundtrack Version
Top Of The World
I'm A Believer
Ordinary Love
The Reason
Only One
Stacy's Mom
Ocean Avenue
Lips Of An Angel
Welcome to My Life
All The Small Things
Wake Me up When September Ends
Shut Up!
Your Guardian Angel
Wherever You Will Go
One Step Closer
Somewhere I Belong
Bring Me To Life
When I Come Around
Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
In Too Deep
Your Man
Hanggang Kailan - Umuwi Ka Na Baby
Heaven Knows - This Angel Has Flown
Just Like a Splendid Love Song
Yakap Sa Dilim
The Day You Said Goodnight
Tell Me Where It Hurts
Narda - Acoustic
Your Song
Huwag Na Huwag Mong Sasabihin
Liwanag Sa Dilim
241 (My Favorite Song)
This Love
Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B)
Moves Like Jagger - Studio Recording From The Voice Performance
The Scientist

User reviews

Joshua Gonzalez

Overall, I appreciate the effort to create a cohesive soundtrack that complements the storyline of Mulligan. It's clear that the music was carefully chosen to enhance the emotional moments in the film.

Edward Young

The soundtrack of Mulligan is truly captivating and sets the perfect tone for the romantic comedy film.

Paul Smith

However, some of the other songs in the soundtrack lack the same charm and originality. They feel like they could have been plucked from any romantic comedy without adding much to the overall experience.

Charles Jackson

Overall, I was left underwhelmed by the soundtrack and felt it did not do justice to the romantic and comedic moments of the film.

Michelle Young

The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking any memorable melodies or emotional depth.

Michael Martin

That being said, I wish there was more variety in the soundtrack. While the love-themed songs are fitting, a more diverse selection of tracks could have added depth and complexity to the overall listening experience.

Richard Scott

The music elevates key moments in the movie, adding depth and intensity to the romantic scenes between the bookstore owner and the famous actor.

Matthew Martin

The blend of upbeat and melodic tunes keeps the audience engaged and emotionally invested in the unfolding love story.

Amanda Davis

The soundtrack of Mulligan is a mixed bag for me. While some tracks, like Accidentally in Love, capture the whimsical and lighthearted tone of the movie perfectly, others feel a bit generic and forgettable.

Timothy Hall

I found the soundtrack of Mulligan to be quite disappointing.

Melissa Clark

The song Accidentally in Love perfectly encapsulates the whimsical and heartwarming nature of the storyline.

Edward Taylor

The use of Accidentally in Love as the main theme song sets the perfect tone for the film, evoking a sense of joy and excitement that mirrors the budding romance between the bookstore owner and the famous actor. The catchy melody and uplifting lyrics make it impossible not to feel swept away by the magic of their love story.

Carol Thomas

It failed to enhance the on-screen moments and instead felt like background noise that I quickly forgot about.

Deborah Wright

The soundtrack of Mulligan truly captivates the essence of the romantic comedy with its upbeat and feel-good tunes. Each song perfectly complements the quirky and heartwarming moments between the main characters, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Brian Perez

Overall, the music in Mulligan is a standout feature that enhances the film's charm and leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

James Clark

One of the standout aspects of the soundtrack is its seamless integration into key scenes, effectively heightening the emotional impact of pivotal moments. From playful montages to heartfelt revelations, each song selection adds depth and emotion to the narrative, making Mulligan a truly memorable cinematic experience.

Melissa Thompson

I must admit that Accidentally in Love is a standout track that perfectly encapsulates the romantic and comedic elements of the film. The upbeat melody and catchy lyrics make it a joy to listen to.

Melissa Jones

The soundtrack of Mulligan showcases a diverse range of musical styles, appealing to a wide audience and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Steven Garcia

Each track in the soundtrack complements the emotions and development of the characters, enhancing the viewer's connection to the film.