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Tags: bumping one's head, compact disc, bumping one's head
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Tú la letra, yo la música

Title in Italiano:

Scrivimi una canzone

Title in Português:

Música e Letra


Cheery Alex Fletcher lives comfortably in Manhattan off the residuals from his 80's pop success and reprising his hits at school reunions, theme parks, and state fairs. But those gigs are declining, so he jumps at the chance to write a song and record it with reigning teen idol Cora Corman.

Trouble is, he's good at melodies but needs a lyricist and has less than a week to finish. Enter Sophie Fisher, subbing for a friend who waters Alex's plants; she's a pretty good poet, quick-witted, and could do it, if she'd agree. But there's some sort of shadow over her head that Alex may not be able to charm his way past.

And what if they do get a song written, what then?

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Music and Lyrics
PoP! Goes My Heart
Andrew Wyatt: Writer
Hugh Grant: Performer
Josh Deutsch: Produced
Buddha's Delight
Haley Bennett: Performer
Ravi Shankar: Writer
Ravi Shankar: Performer
Bad Hot Witch
Andrew Wyatt: Writer
Hugh Grant: Performer
Josh Deutsch: Produced
Louis Gasté: Performer
Morris Albert: English lyrics
Albert Simonin: French lyrics
Meaningless Kiss
Hugh Grant: Performer
Adam Schlesinger: Writer
Adam Schlesinger: Produced
Never Ending Story
Giorgio Moroder: Writer
Limahl: Performer
Edge of the Ocean
Ivy: Performer
Andy Chase: Writer
Love Autopsy
Hugh Grant: Performer
Marc Lawrence: Writer
Michael Rafter: Produced
Jeopardy Theme
Merv Griffin: Writer
Radiation Vibe
My Girl
Smokey Robinson: Writer
Way Back Into Love (Demo Version)
Hugh Grant: Performer
Adam Schlesinger: Writer
Adam Schlesinger: Produced
Flying Home
Benny Goodman: Writer
Benny Goodman: Performer
Rose Room
Benny Goodman: Performer
Art Hickman: Writer
It's Tight Like That
Dance With Me Tonight
Tony The Beat
Raga Rajya-Kalyan
Entering Bootytown
Don't Write Me Off
Way Back Into Love
Work To Do
Buddha's Delight
Pontus Winnberg: Performer
It's Tight Like That
Thomas A. Dorsey: Performer
Don't Write Me Off
Adam Schlesinger: Performer

User reviews

Donna Hill

The collaboration between the characters Alex and Sophie reflects in the music, creating a sense of unity and harmony in each song.

Daniel Parker

The soundtrack of Music and Lyrics manages to evoke a sense of nostalgia while still feeling fresh and relevant, appealing to a wide range of audiences.

Joshua White

Overall, the music in Music and Lyrics not only enhances the film itself but also stands on its own as a collection of memorable and enjoyable songs that you'll want to listen to on repeat.

David Evans

The soundtrack successfully balances upbeat, energetic tracks with more introspective and heartfelt melodies, creating a well-rounded musical experience.

Kimberly Hill

The songs in the film showcase a range of emotions, from upbeat and fun to introspective and emotional, adding depth to the characters' journeys.

Donald Martin

The soundtrack successfully captures the essence of the music industry, showcasing the challenges and triumphs of creating a hit song.

Steven Taylor

The songs in the soundtrack are not just catchy, but also meaningful, adding layers of depth to the overall storytelling of the film.

Amanda White

The soundtrack of Music and Lyrics perfectly captures the essence of the storyline, enhancing the emotional depth of the characters' journeys.

William Scott

Each song in the soundtrack feels like a standalone hit, showcasing the talent of both the fictional characters and the real-life musicians behind the scenes.

Kenneth Moore

Each song in the film feels unique and memorable, leaving a lasting impression on the listener long after the movie ends.

Donna Martinez

The songs are not only enjoyable to listen to but also serve to advance the plot and deepen the connection between the characters.

Edward Hernandez

The blend of pop and ballad elements in the music creates a dynamic and engaging listening experience that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Robert Evans

Overall, the soundtrack of Music and Lyrics is a standout aspect of the film, elevating the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impact.

Nancy Phillips

The soundtrack of Music and Lyrics perfectly captures the essence of the story, blending catchy pop melodies with heartfelt lyrics.

Ronald Lee

The emotional depth of the lyrics in the soundtrack adds an extra layer of meaning to the story, making it resonate with audiences on a personal level.

Lisa Jones

The soundtrack of Music and Lyrics is a delightful mix of nostalgia and contemporary pop elements, appealing to a wide range of audiences.

Jennifer Thomas

The lyrics in the songs are clever and insightful, providing a glimpse into the inner thoughts and emotions of the characters in a way that is both relatable and moving.

Margaret Hernandez

The chemistry between the main characters is beautifully reflected in the harmonies and duets featured in the soundtrack, making the music even more impactful.

Mark Campbell

The chemistry between Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore translates effortlessly into their musical performances, making the soundtrack feel authentic and engaging.