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Tags: pickaxe
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Mi pie izquierdo

Title in Italiano:

Il mio piede sinistro

Title in Português:

O Meu Pé Esquerdo

Title in Français:

My Left Foot

Title in Türk:

Sol Ayağım

Title in Deutsch:

Mein linker Fuß


The life of Dublin born and bred Christy Brown (1932-1981) is presented, he who overcame the odds, afflicted with muscle debilitating cerebral palsy (CP) since birth which required around the clock care when he was a child, to become a successful painter and author.

He grew up in a working class family, one of thirteen siblings surviving infancy, with the siblings needing to share rooms with four or five to a bed. His mother in particular did whatever she could to make sure Christy was loved and supported.

Because of his inability to speak when he was a child, he was largely seen as mentally slow, he who surprised everyone by demonstrating his mental acuity in absorbing everything that was happening around him.

Without the use of his hands, he used his left foot to express himself by painting, the paint brush grasped between his big and second toe.

He began to be able to express himself more fully when he was taught to speak more clearly by therapist Dr. Eileen Cole. But as he gained greater independence in his life, his mother began to worry more and more about him, not in he overcoming those physical disabilities associated with the CP, but having his hopes dashed by others who may have not seen him as a man with human emotions, including the capability and want to love.

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User reviews

John Miller

Overall, the soundtrack of My Left Foot is a powerful and evocative complement to the film, enriching the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impact. It beautifully underscores the themes of perseverance, love, and the indomitable human spirit portrayed in the story of Christy Brown.

Steven Young

The soundtrack of My Left Foot perfectly captures the emotional journey of Christy Brown, from his struggles with cerebral palsy to his triumphs as a painter and author. The music enhances the storytelling and brings out the depth of his character.

Steven Smith

The soundtrack effectively conveys the inner thoughts and feelings of Christy Brown, allowing the audience to empathize with his struggles and victories.

Linda Lee

The use of subtle piano melodies and orchestral arrangements enhances the storytelling, evoking a sense of hope and inspiration throughout the film.

Thomas Allen

The soundtrack of My Left Foot perfectly captures the emotional journey of Christy Brown, from his struggles with cerebral palsy to his triumphs as a painter and author.

Susan Clark

Each track in the soundtrack complements the narrative beautifully, adding depth and emotional weight to Christy's story.

Dorothy Thompson

The haunting vocals and ethereal instrumental pieces create a sense of introspection and introspection, mirroring Christy's own journey of self-discovery.

Linda Green

The use of music in the film effectively conveys Christy's resilience and determination in overcoming the physical and societal barriers he faced, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer.

Dorothy Wilson

The music in My Left Foot serves as a powerful tool to convey the complexity of Christy's emotions and experiences, adding layers of depth to the character's portrayal.

Donna Walker

I was disappointed with the repetitive and uninspired musical themes throughout the film. The lack of variation and creativity in the soundtrack made it feel monotonous and failed to enhance the storytelling or evoke a strong emotional connection with the character of Christy Brown.

Timothy Martinez

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack evoke a sense of melancholy and resilience, mirroring Christy's own inner turmoil and determination to succeed against all odds. The music truly immerses the audience in his world.

Nancy Nelson

The music creates a poignant atmosphere that brings out the resilience and determination of Christy Brown in overcoming his physical limitations.

Kimberly Adams

The music perfectly complements the inspiring story of Christy Brown, enhancing the audience's connection to his struggles and achievements on screen.

Emily Scott

The emotional depth of the soundtrack is truly moving, capturing the highs and lows of Christy's life with a sensitivity that is both heartbreaking and inspiring. The music stays with you long after the movie ends.

Brian Wright

The soundtrack of My Left Foot beautifully captures the emotional journey of Christy Brown, from his challenging childhood to his triumphs as a painter and author.

Margaret Anderson

Overall, the soundtrack of My Left Foot is a masterful piece of work that enhances the film's narrative and helps to bring Christy Brown's story to life in a moving and memorable way.

Patricia Hall

I found the soundtrack of My Left Foot to be lacking in emotional depth and resonance. Given the incredible and inspiring story of Christy Brown, I expected the music to be more moving and impactful, but it fell short of capturing the true essence of his struggles and triumphs.

Joseph Young

The use of unconventional instruments in the soundtrack reflects Christy's unique perspective on the world. It adds a layer of complexity to the music that mirrors the complexity of his life and challenges he faced.