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In a world where everyone is striving to be unique and different, Normal tells the story of a young girl named Lily who just wants to fit in. She feels like she doesn't stand out in any way and is constantly overshadowed by her more eccentric classmates.

But when a new student arrives at school who is even more "normal" than Lily, she starts to question what it means to be truly unique. As she gets to know this new girl, Lily realizes that being normal doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Normal is a heartwarming tale about self-acceptance and the beauty of embracing who you are, even if that means being just like everyone else.

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Hate Dah
Dear SJ
A Quick Getaway
First Kiss
Never Ending Circles
Warped Window
Did It To Myself
Much Prettier Girls in School
Much Prettier Girls in School Reprise
Hide and Seek
Crazy World
Deboragh's Swing
Kiss You
Hey Now - Arty Remix
Gimme Life
Dream 1 (before the wind blows it all away) - Pt. 1
I Never Got Off The Bus
Disco Inferno
Havin' a Party
Only You
The Road to Kinawley
First Day at Trinity
Atomos XI
Locked In
Talk About Nothing (Not Your Dope Remix)
Deep Blue
You and I
Dogwood Blossom
Tell Me So
Highs And Lows
If You Stuff It All Down Deep Inside
La Lune
Dance 4 Sorrow
Tumble Party
Go Wild
Men Are Trash
Oh Lawd
Together Again
Make You Feel My Love
Too Much
Chatting with Lorraine
I'm Happy Without You
It's Alright
I Know
We Played Some Open Chords
Opening Vox
It's Okay with Me
A Nearly Normal Title Theme
Uno Helmersson: Performer
The Grit
Uno Helmersson: Performer
A Possible Solution
Uno Helmersson: Performer
Lovers Two
Uno Helmersson: Performer
To the Camp
Uno Helmersson: Performer
The Mistake
Uno Helmersson: Performer
Joyfully in Love
Uno Helmersson: Performer
To the Priest
Uno Helmersson: Performer
The Abuse
Uno Helmersson: Performer
Beating the Abuser
Uno Helmersson: Performer
The Priest
Uno Helmersson: Performer
Riding Bike
Uno Helmersson: Performer
Collecting Evidence
Uno Helmersson: Performer
The Inevitable
Uno Helmersson: Performer
The Jail
Uno Helmersson: Performer
What If
Uno Helmersson: Performer
The Dream
Uno Helmersson: Performer
No Solution
Uno Helmersson: Performer
To Court
Uno Helmersson: Performer
All Regrets
Uno Helmersson: Performer
The Next Day
Uno Helmersson: Performer
Loosing Faith
Uno Helmersson: Performer
The Murder
Uno Helmersson: Performer
The Church
Uno Helmersson: Performer
The End
Uno Helmersson: Performer
Main Titles
Gene Micofsky: Performer
Bernie/Goosehumps/genie Awakens
Gene Micofsky: Performer
Hairiest of Them All/The Sickness
Gene Micofsky: Performer
Toothfairy Saga
Gene Micofsky: Performer
Night of the Living Tim/Introducing Finbar
Gene Micofsky: Performer
Missing Person/Pig Prison Chant/monster Masher
Gene Micofsky: Performer
Battle for Camp Morningwood
Gene Micofsky: Performer
Bernie Breakthrough
Gene Micofsky: Performer
Gene Micofsky: Performer
Nick & Alyssa/I'm Sorry/kitchen Confessions/werewolf?!
Gene Micofsky: Performer
Anyone Else?/The End
Gene Micofsky: Performer

User reviews

David Adams

Overall, the soundtrack of Normal is a standout element that elevates the film to a higher level, creating a powerful and emotional connection with the audience through its evocative compositions.

Lisa Robinson

Each track in the soundtrack complements the storyline beautifully, enhancing the poignant moments and adding depth to the characters' development.

Brian Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Normal is a perfect blend of uplifting and melancholic tunes, mirroring the emotional rollercoaster that Lily experiences throughout the film. It resonates with the audience on a personal level, evoking empathy and understanding.

Timothy King

The soundtrack features a diverse range of musical styles and genres that bring depth and richness to the overall narrative of the film.

Edward Rodriguez

The music in Normal is not only a delight to listen to but also serves as a powerful tool in conveying the central message of the film - embracing one's true self unapologetically.

Emily Wright

The use of subtle melodies and harmonies in the soundtrack of Normal creates a sense of introspection and contemplation that resonates with the themes of the story.

Amanda Smith

The emotional depth of the music in Normal adds layers of complexity to the characters and their relationships, making the film even more engaging and impactful.

Timothy Phillips

The soundtrack of Normal perfectly captures the emotional journey of the protagonist, Lily, as she navigates the complexities of self-acceptance and identity.

John Campbell

The music in Normal strikes a perfect balance between uplifting and poignant, capturing the bittersweet moments of the characters' lives with grace and sensitivity.

Carol Martinez

The soundtrack of Normal perfectly captures the emotional journey of the main character, Lily, as she navigates the complexities of self-acceptance.

Thomas Jones

The soundtrack of Normal is a standout feature of the film, showcasing the talent and artistry of the composers in crafting a memorable and immersive musical experience.

Patricia Davis

Overall, the soundtrack of Normal is a standout aspect of the film, elevating the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impression. Its emotive melodies and thoughtful compositions contribute significantly to the storytelling and make it a memorable cinematic journey.

Daniel Turner

The music in Normal sets the tone for each scene beautifully, enhancing the storytelling and drawing the audience deeper into the characters' experiences.

Nancy Baker

The repetitive use of certain musical motifs in Normal becomes tiresome and monotonous, detracting from the overall viewing experience. The soundtrack fails to offer variety and fails to evoke the intended emotions, ultimately falling short in its ability to enhance the storytelling.

Edward Walker

The music in Normal is a crucial element that ties the narrative together, providing a cohesive backdrop for the characters' development and the overall message of the film. It sets the tone for each scene and enhances the emotional impact of key moments.

Elizabeth Lewis

The songs chosen for Normal do not enhance the scenes or help to create a cohesive atmosphere. Instead, they feel out of place and disjointed, disrupting the flow of the narrative and hindering the viewer's immersion in the story.

John Thompson

The soundtrack of Normal skillfully conveys the personal growth and transformation of Lily, mirroring her journey towards self-acceptance through its evocative melodies.

Matthew Turner

The music in Normal creates a sense of nostalgia and introspection, perfectly reflecting the theme of self-acceptance and finding beauty in simplicity. It adds depth to the storytelling and immerses the audience in Lily's journey.

Brian Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Normal lacks originality and fails to capture the essence of the story. The music feels generic and uninspired, making it difficult to emotionally connect with the characters and their journey.

Deborah Thompson

The music in Normal lingers in the mind long after the film has ended, leaving a lasting impression and enhancing the overall impact of the story.

Brian Campbell

The soundtrack of Normal captures the essence of the story beautifully, with its delicate melodies and emotional undertones. It enhances the scenes and helps convey the inner struggles of the characters.