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Rating: 6.50/10 from 415000 votes
Tags: heist, pretending to be pregnant, reference to spongebob squarepants
Alternate Names:
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Ocean's Twelve

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Ocean's Twelve


They say there is no honour among thieves, and three quiet years after the impossible, $150-million heist in Ocean's Eleven (2001), Danny Ocean and his team return to confront their old nemesis, Mr Benedict.

This time, having tracked each of them down, the uncompromising casino owner demands his money back with interest, giving Danny's crew two short weeks to pay it back.

But with Ocean's boys spending money like water and a mysterious new adversary always one step ahead of them, handing over Benedict's millions is easier said than done.

And now, there is no turning back. Is twelve Ocean's new lucky number?

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Ocean's Twelve
Roberto Carlos: Writer
Ornella Vanoni: Performer
Souls Along the Way
Orrin Hatch: Writer
Felicia Sorensen: Performer
Love (Hip Hop)
Visionaries: Performer
What's Going On
Al Cleveland: Writer
Marvin Gaye: Performer
Requiem for a No Good F******g Limey
Andy Garcia: Writer
Andy Garcia: Performer
Cracklin' Rosie
Neil Diamond: Writer
Neil Diamond: Performer
That Did It
Pearl Woods: Writer
Bobby Bland: Performer
Kabbalistic Prayer
Ella Leya: Writer
Ella Leya: Performer
Crepuscolo Sul Mare
Piero Umiliani: Writer
Piero Umiliani: Performer
L.S.D. Partie
Roland Vincent: Writer
Roland Vincent: Performer
Robert Plant: Writer
Finale: Allegro Molto Poco Andante
Pretty In Pink
Richard Butler: Writer
Martin Blasick: Vince ely, john ashton, duncan kilburn, and roger morris produced
Hugo Nicolson: Writer
El Capitalismo Foraneo
Gotan Project: Performer
Faust 72
Dynastie Crisis: Performer
Bye Bye Love
My Prayer
Modulo Lunare
Explosive Corrosive Joseph
Thé à la Menthe
Rito A Los Angeles
Ascension To Virginity
Bij ons in de Jordaan
The Phoenix

User reviews

Deborah Anderson

The fusion of jazz, funk, and electronic elements in the music creates a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that keeps the audience hooked from start to finish.

Deborah White

The soundtrack of Ocean's Twelve perfectly captures the sleek and sophisticated atmosphere of the film. Each track immerses you in the world of high-stakes heists and intricate schemes, enhancing the viewing experience.

Sarah Johnson

Overall, the soundtrack of Ocean's Twelve is a standout element of the film, adding depth and excitement to the unfolding story. It is a must-listen for any fan of the movie or lover of stylish and captivating music.

Carol Wilson

The use of instrumental pieces in the soundtrack adds a layer of sophistication and coolness to the film, enhancing the characters' personalities and motivations.

Deborah Wilson

The memorable melodies and catchy beats in the soundtrack make it a standout feature of the film, leaving a lasting impression on viewers long after the credits roll.

Margaret Anderson

The diverse selection of tracks in the soundtrack adds depth and dimension to the storyline, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

Daniel Turner

The soundtrack of Ocean's Twelve is a perfect blend of smooth jazz and cool vibes that perfectly match the stylish and sophisticated tone of the movie.

Michelle Garcia

Overall, the Ocean's Twelve soundtrack is a masterful blend of music and storytelling, enhancing the film's narrative and immersing the audience in the world of Danny Ocean and his crew.

Charles Anderson

The soundtrack's ability to evoke emotions and enhance the on-screen drama showcases the skillful craftsmanship of the composers and music supervisors.

Jennifer Parker

The soundtrack's seamless transitions between tracks contribute to the film's pacing, building tension and excitement in all the right moments.

Karen Jones

The Ocean's Twelve soundtrack perfectly captures the sophisticated and suave vibe of the film, setting the tone for the high-stakes heist adventure.

Stephanie Green

Each track in the soundtrack adds to the overall atmosphere of the film, enhancing the tension and excitement of the heist sequences while also providing moments of relaxation and reflection.

Edward Lopez

I found the soundtrack of Ocean's Twelve to be lackluster and uninspired. The music did not enhance the scenes or create a sense of tension or excitement, which left me feeling disconnected from the movie's storyline.

James Carter

The eclectic mix of music styles, from smooth jazz to energetic beats, keeps the audience engaged and sets the tone for the thrilling escapades of Danny Ocean and his team. The soundtrack seamlessly blends with the action on screen, creating a dynamic and memorable auditory experience.

Richard Jackson

The use of eclectic instruments and rhythms in the music creates a unique and memorable listening experience that complements the clever and intricate plot of the movie.

Carol Williams

The songs chosen for the soundtrack seemed out of place and did not complement the stylish and sophisticated tone of the film. Instead of adding to the overall ambiance, the music felt jarring and distracting, taking away from the viewing experience.

Sarah Adams

Each song in the soundtrack complements the different scenes in the film, seamlessly integrating with the action and dialogue to elevate the storytelling.