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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

On Duty

Title in Italiano:

On Duty


John Defranco, a rookie deputy of a small-town sheriff's unit joins the force when a string of missing women erupts from neighboring counties. While patrolling the highways, he catches up with two beautiful city girls. Sherry and Tina feel safety in inviting John and his two colleagues, Sheriff Buck and fellow Deputy Willis to join them at the local camp grounds. Defranco finds evidence linking Willis and Buck to the string of missing women. Defranco discovers the courage to stand up to his partner, protect the fleeing women and rid society of this serial menace.

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On Duty
Who's Got All the Money?
Flies First Class
So Far, So Good... So What
Civilized Man
Brownie Bottom Sundae
No Eager Men
Disorder and Disarray
All Fall Down
You Don't Care Nothin'
In the Game
Midnight Confessions
Live For Today