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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Cuestión de género

Title in Italiano:

Una giusta causa

Title in Português:

Uma Luta Desigual

Title in Français:

Une femme d'exception

Title in Türk:

Eşitlik Savaşçısı


Docudrama focusing on two periods of the young adult life of future US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The first time period is the late 1950s in her stint as a student at Harvard Law School, her class only the sixth after women were admitted to the school and including only nine females.

Dean Erwin Griswold makes known in veiled terms to those nine that he would prefer if it was still an all male institution.

As such, Ruth knows that she has to work twice as hard as any male student to make herself known, which is made all the more difficult with unexpected issues at home with her fellow Harvard Law School student husband, Martin D. Ginsburg.

The second time period is in the early 1970s.

Despite wanting to get a job as a trial lawyer at a law firm, no such firm would hire her solely because she is a woman, and despite she finishing at the top of her class.

Instead, she is teaching law at Rutgers specializing in sex discrimination in the law, this chosen specialization arguably as she has faced inherent sex discrimination in her chosen career and that she wants to inspire future generations of women to achieve what she has been unable to do herself because of that discrimination.

Things change when Marty, now an esteemed tax lawyer, brings to her a case that he feels could change the face of her work, a tax case in which, solely because of the law, there is reverse discrimination, namely against a male, the two who decide to work on the case together, he from the tax side, she from the sex discrimination side.

She is eventually able to convince her old friend Mel Wulf at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to provide the organization's official support.

Ruth and Marty are told in no uncertain terms that in the strong possibility that they lose, the result could irrevocably set their careers back.

Winning is made all the more difficult in they having to work within the structure that supports that sex discrimination as "that's the way it's always been done", and as Ruth has no trial experience, she who can come across as a bitter woman who the world has wronged.

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On the Basis of Sex
Divine Eve
Gilbert Sigrist: Writer
Slippin' and Slidin'
Little Richard: Writer
Little Richard: Performer
Song to the Moon
Overture from The Marriage of Figaro
Time Has Come Today
Concerto for Piano & Orchestra in A Minor Op. 54 Intermezzo
Robert Schumann: Writer
Moonlight over Manhattan
Gilbert Sigrist: Writer
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D Major, Opus 61 - Rondo
Justin Hayward: Writer
The Moody Blues: Performer
The Trout - Chamber Arrangement
Franz Schubert: Writer
Here Comes the Change
Kesha: Performer
Kesha: Writer
Drew Pearson: Produced
Drew Pearson: Engineered
Drew Pearson: Recorded at the village and purple dinosaur studios, los angeles ca guitars, piano, organ, drums, harmonica, synths and programming
Tom Elmhirst: Background vocals: wrabel (as stephen wrabel) and kesha (as kesha sebert) mixed
Mike Bozzi: Mastered
Paul Katz: Executive produced
A Harvard Man
Mychael Danna: Performer
The Times Have Already Changed
Mychael Danna: Performer
Mrs. Ginsburg
Mychael Danna: Performer
More Tests to Run
Mychael Danna: Performer
Never Giving Up
Mychael Danna: Performer
How Fortunate You Are to Be Here
Mychael Danna: Performer
Thank You, Mr. Green
Mychael Danna: Performer
Topple the System
Mychael Danna: Performer
Many Hats
Mychael Danna: Performer
14th Amendment
Mychael Danna: Performer
Denver, Colorado
Mychael Danna: Performer
Her Heart
Mychael Danna: Performer
What a Horrifying Age
Mychael Danna: Performer
Your Life's Work
Mychael Danna: Performer
Given the Natural Order of Things
Mychael Danna: Performer
We'll See You in Court
Mychael Danna: Performer
And May It Please the Court
Mychael Danna: Performer
Go On, Professor Ginsburg
Mychael Danna: Performer
The Right of the Country to Change
Mychael Danna: Performer
96 to 3
Mychael Danna: Performer

User reviews

Michelle Adams

Another criticism is that the soundtrack's composition and arrangement do not effectively capture the historical and social context of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's challenges and victories. The music feels disconnected from the narrative, failing to create a cohesive and immersive experience for the audience.

Matthew Smith

The use of music in On the Basis of Sex not only enhances the narrative but also elevates the overall viewing experience, effectively conveying the emotional weight of the story. The soundtrack serves as a powerful tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy and the impact of her groundbreaking work on the legal landscape.

Mary Rodriguez

The music enhances the film's narrative by conveying the perseverance and determination of Ruth as she fights against gender discrimination in a male-dominated legal world.

Carol Hall

David Campbell

The music in On the Basis of Sex evokes a sense of empowerment and inspiration, reflecting Ruth's unwavering commitment to fighting for gender equality.

Patricia Roberts

One negative opinion about the On the Basis of Sex soundtrack is that it lacks emotional depth and fails to enhance the pivotal moments in the film. The music feels generic and uninspired, missing the opportunity to truly elevate the storytelling.

Timothy Phillips

The soundtrack effectively underscores the challenges and triumphs experienced by Ruth and Marty as they take on a landmark case that could change the course of their careers.

David Lopez

The soundtrack's composition and arrangement beautifully complement the film's themes of justice, equality, and the power of perseverance.

Anthony Harris

Each track in the soundtrack evokes a sense of empowerment and resilience, mirroring Ruth's unwavering commitment to fighting for gender equality in the face of adversity. The blend of orchestral arrangements and poignant melodies creates a compelling backdrop that immerses the audience in the era and struggles portrayed in the film.

Ashley Adams

The soundtrack of On the Basis of Sex perfectly captures the emotional journey of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, from her struggles at Harvard Law School to her groundbreaking work in sex discrimination law in the 1970s.

Kenneth Clark

Overall, the music in On the Basis of Sex elevates the storytelling and emotional impact of the film, making it a memorable and moving cinematic experience.

Michelle Lewis

The soundtrack of On the Basis of Sex perfectly captures the emotional intensity and determination of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's journey through the two pivotal periods of her life. The music beautifully underscores the challenges she faced as a woman in a male-dominated field, adding depth and resonance to the storytelling.

Joshua Hernandez

The use of orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack adds a sense of gravitas and importance to the pivotal moments in Ruth's life and career.