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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

One True Love

Title in Italiano:

One True Love

Title in Português:

One True Love


After three years of courtship, medical intern Migs finally marries simple, unassuming Joy, a nurse at the hospital where he's doing his residency. Several days before the wedding, his childhood best friend and first love Bela, now a sophisticated woman, returns from Canada still single and in love with Migs. The young couple meets an unfortunate incident that turns their newfound bliss into a tragic existence. Living with Migs turns out to be an agonizing experience as his new state of mind gets more complicated every day. A creature of serenity, Joy refuses to name her pains and secretly vows to make Migs remember their love that was inexplicably lost and waiting to be rekindled, believing that along the way his heart will remember what his mind has forgotten.

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