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Osmosis is a French science fiction television series that follows a group of single people who are given the opportunity to find their soulmate through a revolutionary new dating app called Osmosis. The app uses brain data to match people with their perfect partner, but as the characters delve deeper into the technology, they discover dark secrets and ethical dilemmas that come with using Osmosis.

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Summer In The City
Solo Star
Fill Me In
Take It to da House (feat. The Slip N' Slide Express)
Just In Case
Love Me Or Leave Me

User reviews

Margaret Taylor

The use of ambient sounds and pulsating rhythms in the soundtrack of Osmosis adds an extra layer of tension and suspense to the narrative. It effectively builds up the sense of unease and uncertainty that permeates the show as the characters navigate the ethical dilemmas brought by the dating app.

Joshua Brown

The soundtrack of Osmosis perfectly captures the mysterious and futuristic atmosphere of the show. The electronic music choices enhance the sci-fi elements and immerse the viewer into the world of the characters.

William Lewis

The music in Osmosis is not just a background element, but a vital component that elevates the emotional impact of the characters' journey. The carefully selected tracks help to build tension, create suspense, and evoke a sense of intrigue, making the viewing experience even more immersive and captivating.

Anthony Phillips

The haunting melodies and electronic beats in the music of Osmosis create a sense of suspense and intrigue, keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Thomas Garcia

The diverse range of musical styles and sounds in the soundtrack of Osmosis keeps the viewer engaged and adds layers of complexity to the storytelling.

Paul Martinez

The innovative use of sound design and music in Osmosis elevates the series to a whole new level, making it a standout in the science fiction genre.

Richard Taylor

The soundtrack of Osmosis perfectly captures the eerie and futuristic atmosphere of the show, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Kenneth Moore

The soundtrack of Osmosis showcases a diverse range of musical styles, from haunting melodies to energetic beats, creating a dynamic listening experience that mirrors the emotional rollercoaster of the characters. The music adds depth and complexity to the storytelling, making it a vital component of the overall viewing experience.

Michelle Hernandez

The soundtrack of Osmosis effectively mirrors the characters' internal struggles and external challenges, enhancing the narrative and character development.

Emily Walker

The seamless integration of the soundtrack with the visuals in Osmosis showcases the attention to detail and craftsmanship put into the production of the series.

Nancy White

The soundtrack of Osmosis truly enhances the futuristic and mysterious atmosphere of the series. The electronic beats and haunting melodies perfectly capture the essence of the show's sci-fi theme, adding depth and intensity to each scene.

Melissa Anderson

The music in Osmosis effectively sets the tone for the exploration of themes such as love, technology, and ethics in a thought-provoking manner.

Mark Hill

The emotional depth conveyed through the music of Osmosis adds a layer of complexity to the characters and their relationships, making them more relatable and human.

Donna Carter

The memorable themes and motifs in the music of Osmosis linger long after the show ends, providing a lasting impact and enhancing the overall storytelling.