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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

De repente, un extraño

Title in Italiano:

Uno sconosciuto alla porta

Title in Português:

O Inquilino Misterioso


San Franciscans Drake Goodman and Patty Palmer are taking their relationship to the next level not only by moving in together, but their new abode being a house they purchase. Despite it being slightly outside of their price range and only affordable to them in the right circumstances, they purchase a Victorian house in Pacific Heights.

Those circumstances include making all the necessary renovations on their own, and immediately renting out the two suites on the main floor at a specific price point. While they rent out the rear one bedroom unit to the Watanabes without incident, outwardly wealthy Carter Hayes is able to manipulate his way into renting the front studio apartment, partly in promising to pay half a year's rent in advance.

Drake and Patty eventually learn that Carter, whose money they do not receive, is in the "business" of causing havoc in such rental situations to ruin the owners financially, he being the tenant from hell. In Carter seemingly knowing how to manipulate the system to his benefit including the proverbial possession being nine-tenths of the law, Drake and Patty also learn from the police and Stephanie MacDonald, the property lawyer they hire to help evict Carter and who they cannot afford, that the law is on Carter's side, the process to get him out costly and time consuming.

As the battle between Drake/Patty and Carter escalates, which also includes the Watanabes being caught in the crossfire, it becomes potentially deadly if either side crosses a breaking point.

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Pacific Heights
Antonio Vivaldi: Performer
Pinchas Zukerman: Performer
Soundgarden: Performer
Kim Thayil: Writer
Mozart: Piano Concerto #19 in F, K. 459
Piano Concerto #19 in F, K. 459

User reviews

Mary Adams

The musical composition in Pacific Heights complements the escalating conflict in the story, creating a sense of urgency and impending danger.

Kimberly Adams

The music in Pacific Heights not only enhances the mood and atmosphere of the film, but also serves as a character in its own right, adding layers of complexity to the narrative. The soundtrack seamlessly weaves in and out of the story, enhancing key moments and highlighting the psychological warfare at play.

Kimberly Williams

The soundtrack of Pacific Heights perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the escalating battle between Drake, Patty, and Carter. The use of haunting melodies and eerie tones creates a sense of unease that intensifies as the story unfolds.

Richard Evans

The music in Pacific Heights effectively conveys the sense of unease and danger that permeates the film, enhancing the viewer's emotional connection to the narrative.

Sarah Davis

The dynamic and diverse musical cues in the soundtrack effectively mirror the complex relationships and power struggles among the characters. From subtle piano pieces to intense orchestral arrangements, each track enhances the emotional depth of the film and keeps the audience engaged throughout.

Elizabeth Roberts

The music in Pacific Heights effectively underscores the power dynamics at play, heightening the tension between the protagonists and the antagonist.

Richard Adams

The soundtrack of Pacific Heights skillfully builds suspense throughout the film, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with its evocative melodies.

Emily Jones

The soundtrack of Pacific Heights immerses you in the eerie atmosphere of the story, creating a chilling backdrop for the unfolding drama.

Lisa Carter

The soundtrack of Pacific Heights enhances the sense of foreboding and unpredictability that defines the interactions between Drake, Patty, and Carter, adding a layer of complexity to the narrative.

Andrew Nelson

The soundtrack of Pacific Heights is a standout feature of the film, expertly setting the tone for the unfolding drama and contributing to the overall immersive experience for the audience.

Amanda Hernandez

The soundtrack of Pacific Heights perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the escalating conflict between the characters, adding depth to the storyline.

Matthew Robinson

The music in Pacific Heights enhances the psychological thriller elements of the plot, amplifying the sense of paranoia and manipulation between the characters.

Deborah Lewis

The musical score of Pacific Heights skillfully mirrors the psychological warfare between the characters, intensifying the audience's engagement with the plot.