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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Kærlighedens smerte

Title in Italiano:

Kærlighedens smerte

Title in Português:

Kærlighedens smerte


Kirsten is a young woman still in school. She falls in love with her teacher Søren. When she fails to pass her exams, Søren helps her prepare for new exams, but she is disappointed when Søren moves in with his colleague Inge-Lise. Kirsten sleeps with an older man she meets in a bar, and when she becomes pregnant she chooses to have the baby. But she is hit by depression and is only barely saved when she tries to kill herself and her unborn child. Although Søren and Kirsten move in together after she has her baby, their life together is marked by distance and sadness because of Kirsten's mood swings and paranoia, and it comes to a dramatic ending.

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Pain of Love
You Go to My Head
Billie Holiday: Performer
Haven Gillespie: Writer
Bruden pyntes
Thomas Koppel: Writer
Savage Rose: Performer
A Whiter Shade of Pale
Procol Harum: Performer
Gary Brooker: Writer
Touch the Clouds
Rubber Band: Performer
Sweet Lorraine
Cliff Burwell: Writer
Red River Rock
Tom King: Writer
Johnny and The Hurricanes: Performer
Sussy Moore