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Rating: 5.00/10 from 1868 votes
Tags: mistaken for gay, oxymoron
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Pretty Ugly People

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Pretty Ugly People

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Pretty Ugly People


Former college chums gather for what they think is their fat friend's dying last days, but they instead find her celebrating the last few days before reaching her target weight loss at a mountain lodge with a subsequent hiking trip planned for them all. Though it's the woman's long-held dream journey that she wanted to take with her best friends, the others, largely, can't get over the feeling of being duped, with everyone's emotional baggage breaking out awkwardly all along their forced and uncomfortable three-day hike back to civilization.

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Pretty Ugly People
But I'd Rather Wait
Travis Howard: Writer
Travis Howard: Performer
You and Onions
Meiko: Writer
Meiko: Performer
Fed My Bitch a Blade
Lucian Piane: Writer
Mba Shakoor: Performer
Tell Me, Tell Me
Lucian Piane: Writer
Lucian Piane: Performer
Climb That Mountain
Travis Howard: Writer
In The Midnight
Langhorne Slim: Writer
Langhorne Slim: Performer
Great Big Bear
Lucian Piane: Writer
I'm Here
Aimee Allen: Writer
Aimee Allen: Performer
Maybe They Know
Lucian Piane: Writer
Lucian Piane: Performer
World Spins Madly On
The Weepies: Performer
Steve Tannen: Writer
Lean Into Me
Aimee Allen: Performer
Travis Howard: Writer