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Tags: falling in love with a prostitute, american prostitute, hooker
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Pretty Woman

Title in Italiano:

Pretty Woman

Title in Português:

Pretty Woman: Um Sonho de Mulher


Pretty Woman

Replete with extreme wealth and suave good looks, Edward Lewis could seemingly have any woman he wants, a committed significant other needed on his arm at social events to further how he makes his money as a corporate raider, but since he focuses more on his corporate-raiding pursuits with his lawyer of 10 years and partner-in-crime Philip Stuckey than any woman, every significant other he's had in his life has felt neglected and eventually left him, the fact of which he is just realizing.

In Beverly Hills, still in need of a woman on his arm as he and Philip work toward taking over a company owned by the increasingly insolvent James Morse, he decides, from a chance encounter, to hire Hollywood Boulevard hooker Vivian Ward as his escort for the week. It makes sense: a professional who would be committed to the work without having any relationship issues after the week is done. Beyond their chance encounter, he also makes this decision because she surprises him about how unhookerish she is in certain respects.

Vivian, relatively new to Los Angeles and the business, must still look and act the part, with Edward, beyond giving her money, leaving her largely to her own devices to do so. She finds a somewhat-unlikely Henry Higgins in Barney Thompson, manager of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel where Edward is staying. Barney draws that fine line of keeping the hotel's upscale clients happy while maintaining the posh decorum of the upper class, which does not include people to the hotel looking for rooms with hourly rates.

As Barney and his associates are able to transform Vivian into a Cinderella, the questions become whether Vivian can go back to her Hollywood Boulevard life and whether she does have her Prince Charming beyond this week in the form of Edward (or anyone else) who truly does see her as Cinderella as opposed to a Hollywood Boulevard streetwalker.

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Pretty Woman
Five for Louie
Karen Hernandez: Writer
Karen Hernandez: Performer
King of Wishful Thinking
Go West: Performer
Martin Page: Writer
Real Wild Child (Wild One)
Johnny O'Keefe: Writer
Christopher Otcasek: Performer
Show Me Your Soul
Fame 90
David Bowie: Writer
David Bowie: Performer
Life In Detail
Robert Palmer: Writer
Robert Palmer: Performer
Scott Cutler: Writer
Jane Wiedlin: Performer
Wild Women Do
Vivaldi: Autumn (The Four Seasons)
Vivaldi: Spring (The Four Seasons)
Vivaldi: Winter (The Four Seasons)
Richard Gere's Piano Solo
Oh, Pretty Woman
You Don't Understand
One Sweet Letter from You
Selections from La Traviata
It Must Have Been Love
No Explanation
She Rescues Him Right Back
Richard Gere's Piano Solo
Richard Gere: Performer
You Don't Understand
Clarence Williams: Performer

User reviews

Stephanie Moore

The soundtrack of Pretty Woman perfectly captures the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills, adding a touch of sophistication to the romantic storyline.

Anthony Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Pretty Woman fails to capture the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' journey, relying on generic and forgettable background music that does little to enhance the storytelling.

Donna Hall

The songs in the film evoke a sense of nostalgia, transporting the audience back to the 90s and creating a timeless feel that complements the classic romantic plot.

Jennifer Williams

The musical choices in Pretty Woman effectively complement the character development and the evolving relationships between the main characters, adding layers of complexity to the story.

James Miller

The music sets the tone for the transformation of Vivian Ward, from a Hollywood Boulevard hooker to a sophisticated and elegant woman, emphasizing her journey of self-discovery.

Laura Lee

The soundtrack of Pretty Woman is a perfect complement to the movie's romantic and enchanting storyline. The music sets the tone for the glamorous and sophisticated world of Beverly Hills, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

Jennifer Scott

The songs in the soundtrack evoke a sense of nostalgia and classic romance, enhancing the emotional depth of the film's plot.

Susan Carter

The soundtrack features a diverse range of music styles, from upbeat pop tunes to soulful ballads, effectively enhancing the emotional depth of the characters and their relationships.

Daniel Martin

The iconic track Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison is not only a classic hit but also serves as a symbolic theme for the film. The song's catchy melody and evocative lyrics perfectly capture the essence of the blossoming relationship between Edward and Vivian, adding depth and meaning to their love story.

Michael Nelson

The soundtrack of Pretty Woman perfectly captures the essence of the movie's romantic and glamorous atmosphere, setting the tone for the story.

Dorothy Taylor

The soundtrack of Pretty Woman showcases a diverse range of musical styles and genres, creating a rich and immersive listening experience that enhances the overall enjoyment of the film.

Michael Harris

Overall, the music in Pretty Woman elevates the viewing experience, blending seamlessly with the visuals to create a memorable and engaging film that resonates with audiences.

Mary Hernandez

The instrumental pieces in the soundtrack provide a beautiful backdrop to key moments in the film, adding depth and complexity to the storytelling.

Daniel Wilson

The musical choices in Pretty Woman often feel out of place or mismatched with the tone of the scenes, leading to a disjointed and distracting viewing experience rather than complementing the narrative flow.

Timothy Moore

Each song in the soundtrack is carefully chosen to evoke emotions and enhance pivotal moments in the film. The blend of upbeat tunes and heartfelt ballads creates a dynamic musical landscape that resonates with the audience long after the movie ends.

Joseph Turner

The lack of originality in the soundtrack of Pretty Woman leaves much to be desired, with uninspired arrangements and melodies that fail to leave a lasting impression or evoke any genuine emotional response from the audience.