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Rating: 3.90/10 from 38000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Una noche para morir

Title in Italiano:

Che la fine abbia inizio

Title in Português:

Prom Night - A Última Noite

Title in Français:

Le bal de l'horreur

Title in Türk:

Le bal de l'horreur


In Bridgeport, the deranged high school teacher Richard Fenton is obsessed by the teenager student Donna Keppel; she witnesses him murder her family to stay with her, but Richard is arrested and sent to prison for life.

Three years later, the traumatized Donna is feeling better but is still under psychological treatment and taking pills. On her prom night, she goes with her boyfriend Bobby and two couples of friends to the Pacific Grad Hotel for the party.

But the psychopath Richard has escaped from prison and is lodged in the same floor in the hotel chasing Donna, stabbing her friends and staff of the hotel that cross his path.

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Prom Night
Time of the Season
Rod Argent: Writer
Jeff Tucker: Writer
Rock Kills Kid: Performer
By Your Side
Tokio Hotel: Performer
Your Eyes
Michael Baiardi: Writer
I Believe In Your Victory
Making a Memory
Plain White T's: Performer
Tom Higgenson: Writer
I Still Remember
Bloc Party: Performer
Kele Okereke: Writer
Take Me Back
Brick and Lace: Performer
Lazy Eye
Brian Aubert: Writer
Silversun Pickups: Performer
We All Fall Down
Frankie Blue: Writer
Frankie Blue: Performer
Call in the Calvary
The Shys: Performer
This Is All That We Know
Idris Elba: Writer
Oh My
Jonathan Bates: Writer
Mellowdrone: Performer
Love and Touch
Kovas: Writer
Kovas: Performer
Callin' Me
Consequence: Performer
Up in Here
Kovas: Writer
Kovas: Performer
Say What
Kovas: Writer
Kovas: Performer
So Hot
Kovas: Writer
Kovas: Performer
We All Want the Same Thing
Henry Jonback: Writer
Callin' Me
Richard Frierson: Performer
Thomas Salter: Performer

User reviews

Brian Allen

The soundtrack of Prom Night perfectly captures the suspense and tension of the movie, enhancing the chilling atmosphere throughout.

Betty Wright

I found the soundtrack of Prom Night to be overly dramatic and overbearing, often overshadowing the dialogue and action on screen. The music seemed forced and intrusive, disrupting the flow of the narrative and making it challenging to connect emotionally with the characters and their struggles.

Daniel Anderson

The choice of music in Prom Night was repetitive and uninspired, relying on cliché horror movie tropes that did not bring anything new or innovative to the table. The lack of originality in the soundtrack detracted from the overall viewing experience and made the film feel generic and forgettable.

Linda Carter

The soundtrack of Prom Night perfectly captures the suspense and tension of the film, enhancing the atmosphere and keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie.

Andrew Brown

The use of music in Prom Night helps to elevate the intensity of the chase sequences, making them more engaging and heart-pounding for the viewers.

Mary Clark

The music in Prom Night effectively complements the storyline, creating a seamless integration between the visuals and the auditory experience, immersing the audience in the thrilling narrative.

David Green

Overall, the music in Prom Night plays a crucial role in setting the mood and enhancing the suspense of the film, making it a memorable and impactful viewing experience.

Karen Martinez

The haunting melodies and eerie sounds in the soundtrack of Prom Night linger in my mind even after the movie ends, showcasing the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating a truly immersive and unforgettable musical accompaniment.

Thomas Harris

The soundtrack of Prom Night effectively creates a tense and suspenseful atmosphere, enhancing the thrilling and terrifying moments of the film.

Deborah Robinson

The soundtrack of Prom Night felt completely out of place and failed to create any tension or suspense during the most critical scenes of the movie. The music did not enhance the atmosphere or add any depth to the storytelling, making it difficult to feel fully immersed in the plot.

Laura Parker

The soundtrack of Prom Night effectively captures the essence of a classic horror film, with its ominous tones and eerie melodies adding to the overall sense of dread and fear.

Stephanie Adams

The music selection in Prom Night is so well-orchestrated that it effectively builds up the sense of impending danger and adds a layer of complexity to the thrilling scenes, making the viewing experience even more intense and engaging.

Edward Young

The use of haunting melodies and ominous tones in the soundtrack adds depth to the scenes, intensifying the sense of danger and fear.

Paul Martinez

The music in Prom Night expertly builds up the sense of danger and impending doom, adding depth to the scenes where the characters are being hunted by the deranged killer.