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Rating: 5.70/10 from 145 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Raising Buchanan

Title in Italiano:

Raising Buchanan

Title in Português:

Raising Buchanan

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Raising Buchanan

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Raising Buchanan

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Raising Buchanan


In suburban Phoenix, 40-year-old Ruth Kiesling is not exactly "living the dream." She's a donut shop employee with anger issues. She's got no mother, a dead brother, and a father in hospice. Her few friends include her roommates: Meg, her game-for-anything confidante since junior high; Holly, a somewhat level-headed janitor and amateur ventriloquist; and her probation officer, Philip Crosby.

Ruth's only creative outlet is playing her cello in the background of a series of popular YouTube videos featuring Errol, an egotistical ventriloquist. Errol lords over a community of loyal ventriloquists who proudly (and literally) wear their allegiance to their "art"; their dummies are strapped across their torsos like badass bandoleros. Ever the opportunist and desperate for money, Ruth finds herself in a position to "steal" the body of President James Buchanan. She does so, hoping to ransom him for a nice windfall -- but she's surprised to discover that no one seems particularly interested in getting him back.

Plan B (and C and D) doesn't appear to be any more fruitful for the hapless duo, leading to dead ends involving a wealthy widow, a confused LGBT organization, and a hot-headed shipping foreman. The resolution of this increasingly dire situation will require previously untapped resourcefulness from Ruth; a demanding commitment from Crosby; her roommates Meg and Holly and a disconcerting insight into Errol's ventriloquist horde.

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Raising Buchanan
All This Could Be Yours
Jennifer Trynin: Writer
Jennifer Trynin: Performer
Game of Pricks
Robert Pollard: Writer
Guided By Voices: Performer
Rupert Holmes: Writer
Last Day in the Mine
Dave Dudley: Performer
Explosion in the Fairmont Mine
Alfred Reed: Writer
Bow Wow
Cello Sonata No. 1, Op 38
Johannes Brahms: Writer
Amanda Melby: Performer
Sonata Amanda, 3. Andante
Amanda Melby: Performer
Doug Durant: Writer
Cello Sonata No. 1 in E minor Op. 38
Johannes Brahms: Performer
Sonata Amanda III. Andante
Doug Durant: Performer

User reviews

Mark Campbell

The soundtrack of Raising Buchanan perfectly captures the quirky and eclectic tone of the film. The mix of whimsical melodies and dramatic undertones enhances the surreal and comedic moments, creating a unique atmosphere that keeps the audience engaged throughout the story.

Deborah Garcia

The soundtrack of Raising Buchanan effectively captures the quirky and offbeat tone of the film. The music enhances the comedic elements of the story and adds depth to the characters' emotional journeys.

Daniel Baker

The soundtrack of Raising Buchanan perfectly captures the quirky and offbeat tone of the film. The eclectic mix of music enhances the unique characters and situations, creating a memorable and immersive viewing experience.

Timothy Davis

The music complements the character development beautifully, adding depth and emotion to Ruth's journey as she navigates through her chaotic life. Each track feels carefully selected to evoke specific moods and enhance the narrative, making the viewing experience even more immersive and enjoyable.

David Thompson

I found the use of cello music in the background of Ruth's YouTube videos to be a clever and unique touch. It added a layer of melancholy and introspection to her character, contrasting with the more absurd aspects of the plot.

Susan Smith

The use of cello in the background of the YouTube videos featuring Errol adds a haunting and melancholic layer to the story. The emotional depth brought by the cello music elevates the scenes and adds a sense of introspection to Ruth's character development.

Charles Garcia

The soundtrack of Raising Buchanan successfully creates a sense of tension and urgency during the film's more suspenseful moments. The music helps to build suspense and keep the audience engaged throughout the story.

Elizabeth Adams

The soundtrack effectively underscores the comedic moments in the film, enhancing the humor and adding an extra layer of entertainment. The playful and whimsical melodies complement the absurdity of the plot, making the viewing experience delightful and engaging.