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Tags: female investigator
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Ray Donovan

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Ray Donovan

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Ray Donovan

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Ray Donovan

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Ray Donovan

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Ray Donovan


Ray Donovan is a television series that follows the life of Ray Donovan, a professional "fixer" for the rich and famous in Los Angeles. He works for a law firm that handles the legal issues of celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile clients. Ray is known for his ability to make problems disappear, whether it's cleaning up a crime scene or covering up a scandal.

However, Ray's personal life is far from perfect. He struggles with his own demons, including a troubled relationship with his father and brothers. As he navigates the dangerous world of Hollywood, Ray must also confront his own past and the secrets that threaten to unravel his carefully constructed life.

Throughout the series, viewers are taken on a thrilling ride as Ray juggles his professional responsibilities with his personal struggles. With a talented cast and gripping storylines, Ray Donovan is a must-watch for fans of drama and suspense.

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Ray Donovan
I Run These Streets
Glitter & Gold
He's Out of His Mind
Hold On I'm Coming
Now That We Found Love
Frozen Chinchilla
Sleep With You
Are You Ready? (feat. Nicole Willis)
Let's Get It On
Clap Back
Paisellu Miu
I'm Gone (feat. Jim Wes)
The Right Thing to Do
Scheherezade: III. The Young Prince and the Young Princess
Five Seconds
Seconds (feat. Loleatta Holloway)
How High
Doctor Love
Date With The Rain
Whole Lotta Love
Space Traveller
My Radar
Ain't No Sunshine
Pen and the Tin
These Guys (feat. E-40)
If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out
Diamond In The Rough
Yung Rapunxel
Rock Steady
Natural High
Forget Me Nots
Yes, I'm Ready
Pop That
Wait (The Whisper Song) Remix
My Love - 45 Version
Call My Name
Bang a Gong (Get It On) - Remastered Version
Flawless (Go to the City) - Remastered 2006
You Ain't Alone
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Phone Calls
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Don't Let The Wolf In The Gate
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Down In the Willow Garden (Performed by The Chieftains featuring Bon Iver)
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Two Birds
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Abby And Ray
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Trouble at The Academy
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Banshee (Performed by Kendra Morris)
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Unexpected Visitor
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Ray's Nightmare
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
About Marvin
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Bloody Mirror
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
It's About Time Performed by (Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics)
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Case Shut Down
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Phone Message
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Eddie Fingers Mick
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
We are Fine
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Van Miller
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Ray Warns Mickey
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Shootout At The Docks
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
No Sympathy (Performed by Flash Lightnin)
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
You Treat Me Like A Kid
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Terry Watches Francis
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
The Bag Or The Bat
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Previously on Ray Donovan
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer
Marcelo Zarvos: Performer

User reviews

Laura Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Ray Donovan perfectly sets the tone for the intense and suspenseful atmosphere of the series.

William Roberts

The emotional depth conveyed through the music in Ray Donovan adds a layer of complexity to the storytelling, allowing viewers to connect on a deeper level with the characters.

Jennifer Lopez

The soundtrack of Ray Donovan perfectly captures the gritty and intense atmosphere of the show, adding depth to the characters and their complex relationships.

Margaret King

The music enhances the emotional depth of the show, adding another layer to the complex characters and storylines.

Margaret Thompson

The musical choices in Ray Donovan demonstrate a deep understanding of how to elevate storytelling through sound.

Steven Perez

I found the music selection in Ray Donovan to be disconnected from the overall tone and themes of the series. The tracks often felt out of place, causing a dissonance that detracted from the immersive nature of the show. It was disappointing to see such a crucial aspect of the production fall short in terms of coherence and impact.

Richard Walker

The soundtrack's ability to evoke both excitement and melancholy enhances the overall viewing experience, keeping viewers engaged.

John Jackson

The music in Ray Donovan serves as a powerful storytelling tool, conveying the internal struggles and conflicts of the characters.

Joshua Young

The diverse range of musical styles in the soundtrack of Ray Donovan reflects the multifaceted nature of the characters and the intricate plotlines of the series.

Sarah Walker

The soundtrack effectively captures the essence of Los Angeles, adding an authentic touch to the setting of the show.

Charles Jones

Overall, the soundtrack of Ray Donovan serves as a powerful and evocative companion to the unfolding drama, enhancing the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impression.

Donna Adams

The lack of memorable or standout musical moments in Ray Donovan left me feeling underwhelmed and unengaged. The soundtrack failed to leave a lasting impression or evoke strong emotions, missing the mark in creating a lasting impact on the audience. It was a missed opportunity to use music as a powerful storytelling tool, ultimately diminishing the overall viewing experience.

Amanda Lee

The variety of musical styles represented in the soundtrack showcases the diverse range of emotions explored in the series.

Michelle Allen

Overall, the soundtrack of Ray Donovan is a standout element of the series, contributing to its success and appeal to a wide audience.

Mark Williams

Each track seems carefully selected to complement the on-screen action, creating a seamless viewing experience.

Donald Jackson

The music in Ray Donovan effectively builds tension and enhances key moments, creating a sense of anticipation and suspense that keeps viewers engaged.

Betty Gonzalez

The use of instrumental pieces in key moments amplifies the tension and drama, drawing viewers further into the world of Ray Donovan.

Matthew Hall

The soundtrack of Ray Donovan felt repetitive and uninspired at times, failing to capture the intensity and complexity of the show's storyline. It lacked originality and failed to enhance the emotional depth of key scenes, ultimately feeling like a missed opportunity to elevate the viewing experience.