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Rating: 6.80/10 from 58000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Expediente Anwar

Title in Italiano:

Rendition - Detenzione illegale

Title in Português:

Detenção Secreta

Title in Français:

Détention secrète

Title in Türk:

Yargısız infaz

Title in Deutsch:




After a terrorist bombing kills an American envoy in a foreign country, an investigation leads to an Egyptian who has been living in the United States for years and who is married to an American. He is apprehended when he's on his way home.

The U.S. sends him to the country where the incident occurs for interrogation, which includes torture. An American C.I.A. operative observes the interrogation and is at odds whether to keep it going or to stop it.

In the meantime, the man's wife raises hell to find him, but the person behind this refuses to help or give her any information.

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Camel Jam
Paul Hepker: Writer
Salah Edin: Performer
M.C. Rai: Writer
M.C. Rai: Performer
Paul Hepker: Writer
Al Insan
Pat Jabbar: Writer
Walking Tall
Marcel Khalife: Performer
Paul Hepker: Performer
"Al Insan" performed by Maghrebika / Bill Laswell
Paul Hepker: Performer
Paul Hepker: Performer
You Need a Lawyer
Paul Hepker: Performer
A Week Ago
Paul Hepker: Performer
"L'amaar" performed by MC Rai
Paul Hepker: Performer
Ghost Plane
Paul Hepker: Performer
Rendition for Strings
Paul Hepker: Performer
No Show
Paul Hepker: Performer
Paul Hepker: Performer
"N'Dare" performed by Alpha YaYa Diallo
Paul Hepker: Performer
Paul Hepker: Performer
Black Site
Paul Hepker: Performer
Judgment Day
Paul Hepker: Performer
"Aakli Fiha" performed by Cheb Tarik
Paul Hepker: Performer
Paul Hepker: Performer
Paul Hepker: Performer
Paul Hepker: Performer
"Walking Tall" performed by Marcel Khalife
Paul Hepker: Performer
Rendition for Piano
Paul Hepker: Performer

User reviews

Steven Moore

The soundtrack of Rendition effectively captures the tension and emotional depth of the film's intense storyline. The music enhances the suspense and drama, immersing the audience in the characters' struggles and dilemmas.

Margaret Garcia

The soundtrack of Rendition effectively captures the tension and emotional depth of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Mark Davis

The lack of a cohesive theme throughout the soundtrack made it difficult to emotionally connect with the story.

David Parker

Overall, the music in Rendition was a missed opportunity to enhance the powerful narrative of the film.

Daniel Garcia

Overall, the soundtrack of Rendition is a powerful and evocative accompaniment to the film, enhancing the emotional impact of the story and adding depth to the characters' experiences. It effectively sets the tone for the film and contributes to the overall immersive cinematic experience.

Kimberly Hall

The use of Middle Eastern-inspired melodies and rhythms in the soundtrack adds authenticity to the film's setting and themes, creating a haunting and atmospheric listening experience. The fusion of traditional instruments with modern orchestration creates a unique and evocative sound palette.

Nancy Martinez

The soundtrack of Rendition felt disconnected from the intense and emotional scenes of the movie.

Thomas Thompson

The music failed to capture the tension and anguish of the characters, instead, it felt generic and uninspired.

Melissa Jackson

The use of Middle Eastern-inspired music in the soundtrack adds authenticity and cultural richness to the story, creating a powerful connection between the audience and the characters' struggle.