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Alternate Names:
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Ricky Gervais Live: Animals

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Ricky Gervais Live: Animals

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Ricky Gervais Live: Animals

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Ricky Gervais Live: Animals

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Ricky Gervais Live: Animals

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Ricky Gervais Live: Animals


Ricky Gervais Live: Animals is a stand-up comedy show performed by British comedian Ricky Gervais. The show was recorded at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London and was released on DVD in 2003.

In this hilarious performance, Ricky Gervais covers a wide range of topics, from animals and their behavior to the absurdities of human nature. His sharp wit and unapologetic humor keep the audience laughing throughout the show.

With his unique comedic style and brutal honesty, Ricky Gervais delivers a memorable and entertaining performance that showcases his talent as a comedian.

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Ricky Gervais Live: Animals
Animal Nitrate
Brett Anderson: Writer
Suede: Performer
Girl From Ipanema
Antonio Carlos Jobim: Performer
Astrud Gilberto: Performer

User reviews

Donald Wright

Paul Green

The live performance captures the energy and charisma of Ricky Gervais, making it feel like you are right there in the audience experiencing the laughter firsthand.

Patricia Evans

The music and sound effects used in the show enhance the comedic timing and delivery of Ricky Gervais, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the performance.

Dorothy Wilson

Mary Robinson

The sound quality of the recording is subpar, with occasional distortions and inconsistencies in volume levels that detract from the overall enjoyment of Ricky Gervais' performance.

Ashley Roberts

The band's musical accompaniment during certain segments of the show adds a dynamic element to the performance, enhancing the overall experience for the audience.

Deborah Smith

Ricky Gervais' fearless approach to comedy shines through in this stand-up show, as he fearlessly tackles controversial topics with humor and wit.