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Tags: mickey goldmill character
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Rocky V

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Rocky V

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Rocky V

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Rocky V

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Rocky 5

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Rocky V


Having just defeated Moscow super-boxer, Ivan Drago, Rocky returns home. Rocky and Adrian discover that Paulie left power of attorney to Rocky's accountant who invested all of his money that went belly-up and lost it all. To make matters worse, they discover they have years worth of unpaid property taxes. With Rocky's status, he would just need to win a couple of more fights to help with the money. Unfortunately, they discover that Rocky has suffered irreversible brain damage that could be fatal if Rocky were to continue fighting. They sue the accountant and move back to Philly's ghetto.

Rocky starts training talented young fighter, Tommy Gunn, who is a huge fan of Rocky's. As Tommy becomes more successful, Rocky distances himself from his family and a huge resentment grows toward him from his son. When Tommy is brainwashed by promoter, who has been at Rocky's throat throughout the whole movie, Tommy betrays Rocky and Rocky realizes he may not have a choice but to fight.

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Rocky V
The Measure of A Man
Elton John: Performer
Alan Menken: Performer
Phil Ramone: Produced
All You Gotta Do Is Sing
Joey B. Ellis: Performer
Take You Back (Home Sweet Home)
B.o.B.: Performer
Frank Stallone: Performer
Go For It! (Heart and Fire!)
Joey B. Ellis: Performer
Keep It Up
Snap!: Performer
Snap!: Produced
That's What I Said
M.C. Hammer: Performer
Winter Wonderland
Felix Bernard: Performer
Richard B. Smith: Lyrics
Ray Charles: Performer
Gonna Fly Now
Carol Connors: Lyrics
Bill Conti: Performer
That's What I Said
M.C. Hammer: Performer

User reviews

Linda Johnson

The compositions in Rocky V lack the iconic and memorable quality that made the previous films' soundtracks so impactful. The absence of standout tracks leaves the audience feeling disconnected from the characters' struggles and triumphs, diminishing the overall viewing experience.

Anthony Walker

The emotional ballads in the soundtrack, such as Measure of a Man by Elton John, add a layer of vulnerability to the characters, making the audience connect with them on a deeper level.

David Taylor

The soundtrack of Rocky V showcases the gritty and raw energy of the film's setting in Philly's ghetto, with music that conveys the struggles and hardships faced by the characters.

Sarah Moore

The music in Rocky V effectively conveys the tension and conflict between Rocky and Tommy Gunn, reflecting the betrayal and resentment that builds up between the characters.

Melissa Lopez

The score of Rocky V expertly underscores the themes of family, loyalty, and redemption, adding depth and emotion to the character dynamics and plot developments.

David Walker

Overall, the music in Rocky V plays a crucial role in shaping the emotional journey of the characters, providing a powerful and evocative backdrop to Rocky's struggles and triumphs.

Stephanie Anderson

Overall, the soundtrack of Rocky V is a standout aspect of the film, elevating the storytelling and character development to new heights through its well-crafted musical compositions.

William Lee

The soundtrack perfectly complements the themes of loyalty, betrayal, and redemption explored in the film, enhancing the viewing experience.

James White

Overall, the soundtrack of Rocky V is a powerful and moving musical accompaniment that elevates the emotional impact of the film, making it a memorable and impactful listening experience.

Melissa Miller

The variety of musical styles in the soundtrack keeps the audience engaged and entertained throughout the movie, catering to different emotions and moods.

Ronald Thomas

The musical choices in Rocky V help to build suspense and anticipation during the film's climactic moments, creating a sense of urgency and drama that keeps the audience engaged.

Michael Taylor

The soundtrack of Rocky V perfectly captures the emotional rollercoaster of Rocky Balboa's journey from triumph to despair. The uplifting beats and motivational lyrics in tracks like Go For It! and Measure of a Man inspire a sense of determination and resilience in the face of adversity.

Donna Turner

The musical choices in Rocky V seem out of touch with the gritty and raw tone of the film. Instead of elevating the tension and drama, the soundtrack at times feels mismatched and jarring, failing to create a cohesive and immersive auditory experience for the audience.

Sarah Hernandez

The soundtrack of Rocky V features a blend of traditional orchestral music and contemporary rock influences, reflecting the mix of old and new in Rocky's journey in the film.

Brian Rodriguez

The music during the training montages is energetic and uplifting, making you feel like you are training alongside Rocky and Tommy Gunn.

Kimberly Moore

The soundtrack of Rocky V fails to capture the emotional depth and intensity of the film's plot. The music often feels generic and uninspired, lacking the power to enhance key moments in the story.

Laura Roberts

The use of rock music in key moments of the film enhances the intensity of the boxing scenes and adds to the overall excitement of the movie.

Ashley Lee

On the other hand, the haunting melodies and somber tones of songs like The Final Bell and Conquest beautifully convey the heart-wrenching moments of loss and betrayal that Rocky experiences throughout the film. The music truly enhances the storytelling and evokes a deep connection with the characters and their struggles.

Kenneth Thomas

The soundtrack of Rocky V captures the emotional turmoil of Rocky's financial struggles and health issues effectively, with dramatic and poignant musical cues that enhance the storytelling.

Deborah Hernandez

The instrumental tracks in the soundtrack evoke a sense of nostalgia and bring back memories of previous iconic moments in the Rocky franchise.

Sarah Nelson

The soundtrack of Rocky V perfectly captures the emotional journey of Rocky facing financial struggles and health issues, adding depth to the storyline.

Margaret Lee

The theme song Go For It! by Joey B. Ellis & Tynetta Hare is a powerful and motivating track that reflects Rocky's determination to overcome adversity.